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Forbes + CommerceNext: Interview with Liza Landsman (Jet)

Dec 12, 2017 Business

by Rachel Klein

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Feel like you’re constantly seeing alerts about big, game-changing acquisitions and then reading about the acquired company’s quick deterioration just a few months later?

We do, too—which is why we found the Jet/Walmart deal so refreshing. Unlike most, Walmart is actually encouraging Jet to maintain its entrepreneurial spirit with the intention of leveraging Jet and its executives to transform Walmart’s entire digital business. This piqued our interest, so CommerceNext co-founder and Forbes contributor, Veronika Sonsev, sat down with Jet’s President, Liza Landsman, to understand how the two companies are innovating together.

Instead of enforcing its established processes and procedures on, Walmart embraced Jet’s leadership and encouraged more retail innovation from the two companies. And the results have been staggering. Here are just a few of Walmart’s recent accomplishments:

+ Two-day free shipping on without requiring a membership

+ A new program offering discounts to customers for picking up certain items in store

+ New delivery options like associate delivery that save customers time and money

This kind of retail innovation could not have been possible if Walmart didn’t let Jet keep being Jet. Find out what else Walmart and Jet are teaming up to do in the full Forbes article.

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