CommerceNext Guide to the mega ecommerce conference: NRF Big Show

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In preparation for the NRF Big Show beginning January 14th in NYC, we’ve collected our main must-sees and must-dos for you. Not only are all three CommerceNext co-founders taking the stage, several from the CommerceNext community are attending and hosting their own events, as well. Whether you’re an NRF novice or Big Show boss, navigating and making the most of your time is always a challenge at multi-day events like these. Here’s our favorites from this year’s lineup to get you started:

  • Allan Dick leading the NRF Innovation Lab Stage. Sit back and get inspired with 15 sessions of the latest and greatest trends, tech and ideas.
  • Scott Silverman moderating a panel of search specialists, including a new onsite search demo from Nordstrom. Walk away knowing how to put the right products in the right place at the right time.
  • Veronika leading a panel with top VCs sharing everything they predict for the future of retail, 10 months to 10 years from now.
  • Pano Anthos (XRC Labs) unveiling his company’s new group of start-ups at their 5th “Cohort”. RSVP here to make sure you have a front row seat.
  • Dan Hodges hosting his uber popular Expo Hall Tours. With 3 days worth of expo-ing and the enormous multi-level Javitz center to consume, your head will start spinning. Dan helps attendees navigate every inch of each floor so you don’t miss a thing.

And, if you need a break from the expo mayhem but still want to dive into an immersive retail experience, we’ve discovered the perfectly personalized Retail Store Tours. From January 13th – January 18th, you can compliment your NRF experience by booking a customized tour of cutting-edge retail spaces at the Oculus (Westfield World Trade Center) and throughout Soho. Experience how innovative retailers are driving traffic to their stores, leveraging the latest technologies, and integrating omnichannel strategies to maximize the in-store experience and set themselves apart. 

Book your tour here and enter CommerceNext’s VIP partner discount code to save 20%.

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Lastly, don’t forget to come say hi to our CommerceNext founders after their sessions. We’d love to see you. Enjoy the show!