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Pride Month 2023

Celebrating Pride: Lessons Learned and Brands Leading the Way

Pride Month is a time for celebration, reflection and progress. It serves as an important reminder of the LGBTQ+ community’s resilience, struggles and victories throughout history. Many brands participate in Pride Month, translating their values of diversity and inclusion into impactful campaigns.  According to data from Gallup, 7.6% of the U.S. population now identifies as LGBTQ+. Notably, this percentage is higher among younger generations: more than 1 in 5 members of Gen Z identify as LGBTQ+, along with nearly 10% of Millennials. These significant numbers underscore the importance of supporting and advocating for this community. As we embark on Pride Month, it’s crucial

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A panel of Gen Z consumers at the 2023 CommerceNext conference.

Ecommerce 2024: The Emerging Trend Everyone’s Ignoring (But Shouldn’t)

As ecommerce continues to evolve and adjust to new consumer needs and preferences, understanding Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2012, is paramount for sustainable growth. Focusing solely on trends rather than the consumer base that influences them is easy. However, by understanding Gen Z’s unique behaviors and preferences, ecommerce professionals can find new opportunities for growth and connection with Gen Z consumers.  Key Takeaways: Gen Z consumers prioritize social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok and Youtube and develop their shopping preferences through social media trends and engaging digital experiences.  Brands committed to social impact and sustainability resonate deeply with Gen

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Scaling Testing to Drive New Ecommerce Highs and Delight Customers

In a competitive ecommerce landscape, mastering experimentation is essential for revenue growth. CommerceNext’s latest webinar focused on providing strategies to optimize the testing process, helping maximize conversions and revenue growth to stay ahead of the curve. What we learned: The importance of experimentation and how to amplify it How to leverage data for agile testing  Best practices for conversion rate optimization  Speakers: Kamanasish Kundu, Vice President, Head of Digital & Ecommerce, Kendra Scott Lisa Perlmutter, Chief Customer Officer, Hanna Andersson Stephanie Urban, Vice President eCommerce, Camuto Group John Murdock, CEO, Fastr Moderated by: Veronika Sonsev, Co-Founder, CommerceNext   Watch the replay here or

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An image showing what "omni" means: a connection and seamless flow through multiple channels.

Retail Omnichannel Strategy: How to Meet Multi-Channel Demands

Retail is evolving everyday. Today, it is now a dynamic blend of online and offline experiences, driven by evolving consumer behaviors and technological advancements. Employing omnichannel strategies will help you stay ahead of the curve, so read on for how your brand can meet multi-channel demands. Key Takeaways: Shopping behavior now revolves around an omnichannel experience, blending online and offline seamlessly. Researching, integrating data, optimizing touchpoints and personalizing experiences are crucial for effective omnichannel strategies. Throughout all phases of creating an omnichannel experience, successful retail brands prioritize a customer-centric approach over a channel-centric one. The evolving landscape includes following emerging omnichannel trends such

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A person online shopping on their computer.

The Emerging Online Trend That’s Quietly Changing How We Shop

In today’s dynamic ecommerce landscape, the integration of AI technologies is reshaping the way we shop online. We’ve put together a guide on how AI is impacting ecommerce businesses, from personalized experiences to streamlined logistics, to help you understand how to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive market. Key Takeaways: Leverage AI for mobile optimization and online discovery by including personalized shopping experiences, virtual assistants, chatbots and many more tools to enhance accessibility and customer engagement. Google, Meta and social media platforms utilize AI algorithms for targeted marketing and integrate AI-powered recommendation systems to facilitate seamless purchases. AR/VR technologies use AI for product

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The Future of On-Site Personalization: Best Practices 

Ecommerce success is no longer just about engaging customers–it’s about creating tailored experiences that resonate on a personal level. An Epsilon study shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company when it offers them personalized experiences, and 90% find personalization appealing. These figures highlight why personalization is not just beneficial but essential in the modern marketing playbook.  A recent CommerceNext webinar, “Leveling Up On-Site Personalization in 2024,” brought together industry experts to dive deep into the evolving landscape of on-site personalization in retail and DTC brands.  Speakers:  Parvez Patel, VP Omni-Channel eCommerce & Digital Experiences, NAPA Auto

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Two attendees at CommerceNext sit and chat with each other.

How to Network at a Conference: 10 Networking Tips to Leave a Conference with More Than Just Swag

A great set of networking skills can help transform a good conference experience into a long-lasting and impactful experience. Here are 10 tips you can put into practice to help expand your network at conferences.  Key Takeaways: Have a clear plan with defined goals before the conference. Utilize social media to establish connections and engage with attendees. Take advantage of all networking opportunities available before, during and after the conference. Focus on building mutually beneficial relationships and remember to follow up 1. Plan Ahead for Success Before anything else, you should determine what goals you want to achieve while networking at the conference.

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A panel of speakers at the CommerceNext Growth Show

Unlocking Growth: 7 Hot Topics at the 2024 CommerceNext Growth Show

Welcome to the epicenter of growth, where industry titans and trailblazers gather to discuss the future of retail, marketing and technology. The CommerceNext Growth Show isn’t just a conference, but a vibrant community pulsating with the latest insights, strategies and connections that define success and growth in the digital age. With over 150 industry-leading speakers and a community of 2,500+ executives, this event transcends traditional conferences, fostering meaningful peer-to-peer connections and curating dialogues that propel businesses forward. Here’s a glimpse into what’s to come at the 2024 CommerceNext Growth Show, fueled by insights from our esteemed Advisory Board,  comprised of 52 industry executives.

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Maximize Your Business Potential with Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) merges the wide reach of traditional TV advertising with the advantages of digital targeting and analytics. As a significant component of performance marketing, CTV offers detailed data insights, making it an essential tool for marketers. CommerceNext’s latest webinar focused on helping ecommerce and marketing professionals better understand CTV advertising with the help of examples from our panel of experts. What we learned: How to get started with CTV advertising Effective data collection and utilization strategies in CTV Applications and success stories from leading brands Speakers: Steve Hartmann, Head of Integrated Marketing, Experian Consumer Services Sam Russell, Director, Media & Acquisition,

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jcrew speaker Q+A

CommerceNext Growth Show Speaker Series: Danielle Schmelkin, CIO at J. Crew

At the heart of CommerceNext is a vibrant, dynamic community that drives innovation and growth. As we gear up for the much-anticipated CommerceNext Growth Show on June 11-13, we’re bringing you closer to the thought leaders and trailblazers shaping the future of ecommerce and retail.  Dive into our exclusive interview with Danielle Schmelkin CIO at J.Crew. She’ll be speaking on the session “Harmony in the C-Suite: Bridging the Gap Between CIOs and CMOs for Digital Success.” Make sure you’re registered to attend and read on for the full interview.   Katja Teichmann: What do you love to geek out on in retail and

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