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Our newest research report focuses on better understanding the relationship between customers’ personalization experience and their ideas about data privacy. We highlight the preferences consumers have towards personalization as well as concern over data privacy.

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2022 Ecommerce Conference Favorites

We are thrilled to get the CommerceNext community back together in NYC next June. As we get ready to announce more details for The 2023 Ecommerce Growth Show, we can’t help but reminisce on all the content and fun of the 2022 ecommerce conference. We had 100+ industry-leading speakers across 50+ sessions discussing all things marketing and ecommerce with the focus of seizing the next wave of growth.

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Conversational Commerce

When it comes to interacting with brands, consumers today have much higher expectations. They're not only looking for products that meet their needs, but also a convenient and personalized shopping experience—whether they're scrolling through your ecommerce platform or browsing in-store. During the 2022 ecommerce conference, executives from Rainbow Shops and Attentive discussed how your brand can lean into conversational commerce, meeting your consumers where they prefer to shop with curated experiences.  

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Ecommerce Conference Tips

Shopping for gifts is a very different journey than shopping for yourself, and the target customer may be nothing like the gifting customer. During the 2022 ecommerce conference, executives from Spiceology, madein, GiftNow and Coresight Research discussed how hhopping for gifts is a very different journey than shopping for yourself and also shared insightful tips to help you maximize gifting revenues.

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