Research Report:

Understanding Today’s Digital Commerce Team

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An In-Depth Review Of Today’s Digital Retail Organization: Its Structure, Challenges, And Assessment Metrics

Ecommerce isn’t the ugly retail stepchild anymore. Digital teams met the pandemic surge with new acquisition strategies, upgraded retention programs, and elevated experiences, proving their value once and for all. It appears ecommerce experiences are all grown up, maturing at an accelerated pace. That’s what we witnessed, but what about digital’s progress behind the scenes? Are retail organizations themselves transforming and evolving with their shopping experiences?

In this qualitative study, CommerceNext partnered with The Commerce Experience Collective (CommX) to conduct more than a dozen interviews with executives across a range of retailers and brands.

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To help our community evaluate and improve upon their own organizational structures in this defining digital era, this research report discusses:

  • The current state of retail organizations, including ecommerce and omnichannel team reporting structures and responsibilities.
  • The future of digital teams, focusing on ongoing organizational challenges and talent needs and recruitment strategies.
  • How teams are assessing digital performance, covering common KPIs and a move toward CLV.

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