Seize the Data! The 2023 Retail Data Collection & Satisfaction Survey

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A Retail Data Collection & Satisfaction Study

We thought 2022 was all about data-driven marketing, but 2023 has taken it to a whole new level! New sources of information like mobile devices, social media, customer reviews, and in-store POS, are making it extremely difficult for retailers to gather, process and pull useful insights from an ever-expanding amount of data that’s growing in real time.

CommerceNext’s latest research study polled over 100 digital marketing and e-commerce retailers across 13 different product categories to explore how the sheer volume of data makes it challenging to analyze and implement data-driven strategies effectively, ultimately hindering potential sales and profit growth. However, by employing the appropriate tools and expertise, retailers can effectively utilize their data's potential and leverage it to their advantage.

As you’ll see in this report, if understanding and effectively using customer data remains a significant challenge, you’re not alone!

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What you’ll learn in this report:

  • How retailers rate their data proficiency. We asked retailers to share their approaches toward marketing data collection and analysis and how they feel those efforts affect their bottom line.
  • Confronting challenges blocking the path to profitability. An exploration of current analytic methods and tools and how to score and evaluate performance.
  • Getting the most out of data investment. The key challenges and obstacles that retailers believe they must address to gain the full benefit from their data and analytic efforts.
  • How privacy compliance is driving up the cost of customer acquisition

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