Which Brand Launched Its Business Turnaround With an Apology?

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Domino’s Did With Its “We’re Sorry For Sucking” Campaign

In 2009, Domino’s Pizza launched a campaign called “We’re Sorry for Sucking” in response to years of negative feedback and criticism about the quality of its pizza. The campaign featured TV commercials, print ads and online videos in which Domino’s executives read actual customer complaints about the pizza and promised to make changes to improve it. This campaign was a turning point for Domino’s and demonstrated the power of transparency and honesty in brand messaging.

This campaign catalyzed Domino’s turnaround, which took the company from $3 to $300 per share. And that was just the beginning! At the Ecommerce Growth Show in New York City on June 20-21, 2023, attendees can learn more about how Domino’s changed more than its recipe—the company also successfully navigated the changing QSR landscape and adapted to new customer journeys through technology and data. Chief Digital Officer Christopher Thomas Moore will share how Domino’s digital transformation journey has enabled the company to create exceptional customer experiences and remain competitive in the ever-evolving retail industry. This session will offer valuable insights for ecommerce businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve and create innovative customer experiences.

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