Ecommerce Growth Show Spotlight: Anthropologie CMO Talks Brand Loyalty

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We are less than ten weeks away from The Ecommerce Growth Show, taking place on June 20-21 in the bustling city of New York. This highly anticipated event is expected to draw over 1700 attendees, feature more than 120 speakers, and host over 50 sessions, all aimed at helping ecommerce businesses thrive in today’s competitive landscape. We are excited to announce one of our latest sessions, our day two opening keynote with none other than Elizabeth Preis, the Chief Marketing Officer of Anthropologie.

Anthropologie is a brand that needs no introduction. Known for its unique and creative approach to retail, Anthropologie is a brand that is creativity-led, data-informed and customer-inspired. With a strong emphasis on emotional connection and customer experience, Anthropologie has built a loyal following of customers who are inspired by the brand’s curated offerings and community-driven approach.

Anthropologie has successfully built a strong community of loyal customers who are emotionally connected to the brand. On the Anthropologie website, they describe their community as “the self-expressive seekers who pursue inspiration, knowledge, and experience wherever they go” and consider their community “creative-minded.” Through various community-driven initiatives, such as events, collaborations, and social media engagement, Anthropologie has fostered a sense of belonging among their customers, creating a loyal following that keeps coming back for more. They have a number of philanthropic ventures to give back to their community, with the slogan of being “a greater good.” Elizabeth Preis is expected to discuss how Anthropologie has built and nurtured their community, and how this has contributed to their brand love and loyalty, as well as their overall growth.

As a 30-year-old brand, Anthropologie has continuously evolved and adapted to the changing retail landscape. With a clear and strong internal brand voice, they have successfully accelerated their brand growth while staying true to their creative and emotionally-driven roots. One of the key focuses of Anthropologie’s marketing strategy is inspiring for new customers while building brand loyalty for existing customers. Their keynote session at the Ecommerce Growth Show, titled “Building Brand Love and Loyalty while Growing the Top of Funnel,” promises to provide invaluable insights into Anthropologie’s approach to achieving this delicate balance.

Elizabeth Preis, the CMO of Anthropologie, is a recognized leader in the retail and ecommerce industry. With her deep understanding of customer-centric marketing and her passion for driving growth through creative strategies, she is well-equipped to share her knowledge and experiences with fellow marketers at the Ecommerce Growth Show. Attendees can look forward to an engaging fireside chat with Elizabeth, where she will shed light on Anthropologie’s marketing approach and share valuable tips on how to build brand love and loyalty while driving top-of-the-funnel growth.

One of the key aspects of Anthropologie’s marketing strategy is their focus on creativity. Being a brand that is driven by emotion and inspiration, Anthropologie constantly seeks to inspire and captivate their customers with unique and curated offerings. Their approach to creativity is not limited to just their proprietary products, but it permeates their entire marketing ecosystem, from their website design to their social media content. Elizabeth Preis is expected to share insights on how Anthropologie leverages creativity in their marketing strategies to engage and retain customers, while also attracting new ones.

Data also plays a crucial role in Anthropologie’s marketing approach. They believe in being data-informed, using data to make informed decisions about their marketing initiatives. By analyzing customer data, Anthropologie gains valuable insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and trends, which in turn helps them tailor their marketing messages and offers to resonate with their target audience. Elizabeth Preis is expected to share how Anthropologie leverages data to drive growth and build brand loyalty, while also staying true to their creative and emotionally-driven brand ethos.

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