Creating the Most Effective SEO Plan to Tackle PPC Costs and Privacy Restrictions

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While it will come as no surprise that retailers’ top concern for 2022 is rising customer acquisition costs, what might surprise you is just how effectively organic search-engine optimization can address this concern.

During the most recent CommerceNext webinar, “Using a New Organic Search Standard to Counter Rising PPC Costs and Privacy Restrictions,” industry professionals discussed some tools and strategies your business can follow to use SEO in the most effective way. These speakers will dive deeper into this topic at CommerceNext 2022 – register today to learn more!

What we learned:

  • It is crucial to focus on the top of the marketing funnel to continue driving your business forward.
  • SEO is an art and a science; piecing together all of your data to create the perfect image for your brand.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your customer to accurately understand their ideal ecommerce experience.


  • Amy Madonia, Executive Director, Global Commerce, M.A.C. Cosmetics
  • Sara Resnick, VP, Enterprise SEO & Partnerships,
  • Ryan Monahan, CMO, REDCON1
  • Jennifer Graham Chittim, VP of Customer Success, Botify
  • Rick Kenny, Founder and Managing Director, Leading Lights
  • Moderated by Allan Dick, Co-Founder, CommerceNext 

Keep reading to learn the webinar’s key insights or watch the full session below.


Prioritizing the Top of the Funnel: Fueling Attraction

In order to create loyal and returning customers, it is crucial to not forget about the first step of the marketing funnel: awareness. Making your ecommerce experience as efficient as possible can be one of the most valuable tools to complete this step.

Leading Lights manages the efficiency of its online presence by tracking the journey of a URL. They believe that “fueling attraction requires efficient traffic sources,” so they measure the value of crawls received on different sectors of the website. While product pages, not surprisingly, carry much of the share of all crawled URLs, category pages out-visit PDPs. Botify seconds these models, and believes if these pages aren’t getting crawled at the top of the SEO funnel, you will not make a difference for your business.

Therefore, it is vital for your brand’s growth to focus on the content delivered to consumers on both product and category pages. REDCON1 completely agrees, saying they put themselves in their customers’ shoes, focusing on what solutions they can create solely with the content on these pages.

The Importance of SEO Research

SEO is both an art and a science. Various data points and extensive research are needed to compile a well-structured SEO plan. 

M.A.C. Cosmetics has implemented a three-pronged approach to create the most productive system, starting with the research process. According to them, “the key to instituting change internally is to get in on the front of the new product launch process.” This means research must begin months before a launch. follows this process as well, conducting extensive research and piecing together all data points to convey the correct story to all customers.

Refining Your Users’ Experience 

Ecommerce has become so much more than just buying a product online. All of the speakers during this webinar agree that it is beyond important to give the users a simple and efficient experience to transform them into loyal customers.

Sara Resnick of explained that she always tells her team to ask themselves, “How would I search for this online?” This not only ensures your top pages are properly optimized and user friendly, but also that your brand is connected to your target audiences’ brains.

In addition, REDCON1 has been working to enhance its user experience throughout its online platform. Ryan Monahan explained how important it is to take a step back and truly understand the journey of your user. Specifying the pages on your ecommerce platform and your SEO in collaboration with your user’s movement online can guarantee your brand will become visible on their search engines.

Rising customer acquisition costs are a daunting challenge all retailers and marketers expect to face throughout 2022. However, according to the industry professionals featured in our most recent webinar,  “Using a New Organic Search Standard to Counter Rising PPC Costs and Privacy Restrictions,” ensuring the effectiveness of your SEO approach is one way to combat this issue.


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