(Sneak Peek) CommerceNext 2022 Ecommerce Conference: 3 Sessions To Elevate Your CX

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As ecommerce continues to grow, brands are trying to stand out with innovative experiences that help them build customer connections and loyalty. 

If you’re searching for new ways to improve your ecommerce and CX, look no further. These three sessions at this year’s CommerceNext ecommerce conference feature experts from a variety of brands like EXPRESS, Neiman Marcus, Gopuff and Brinks Home. 

Here’s your sneak peek of:

  • Reimagining Ecommerce Experiences for Today’s Customer Needs
  • Why Gopuff Believes ‘Instant Neds’ is the Future of Commerce
  • Elevating Customer Experience in the Age of AI

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Reimagining Ecommerce Experiences for Today’s Customer Needs

Tuesday, June 21st at 4:35pm ET

Exceeding customer expectations is critical in converting new shoppers to repeat shoppers, and in keeping existing customers coming back. Today, compelling navigation and product information are table stakes. 

This session reveals how ecommerce leaders are thinking about elevated personalized end-to-end experiences that tie together marketing, pre-purchase, checkout and post-purchase to delight customers and drive repeat sales.


  • Brian Seewald, SVP eCommerce at EXPRESS
  • David Han, VP, Product at Neiman Marcus
  • Corinne Crockett, VP of Marketing at Outer
  • Faisal Masud, CEO at Fabric
  • Moderator: Cara Salpini, Senior Editor at Retail Dive


Why Gopuff Believes ‘Instant Needs’ is the Future of Commerce

Wednesday, June 22nd at 1:20pm ET

Gopuff started by providing immediate delivery of essential items to college students more than eight years ago. This innovator pioneered the instant commerce sector and remains the leader with over 70% U.S. category share. 

In his keynote, co-founder and co-CEO Rafael Ilishayev will discuss how Gopuff uses data to continue to meet consumers’ evolving needs, drive new category expansion, and how instant delivery is shaping the future of commerce. 


  • Rafael Ilishayev, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Gopuff
  • Moderator: Julie Hyman, Anchor at Yahoo Finance


Elevating Customer Experience in the Age of AI

Wednesday, June 22nd at 1:45pm ET

It’s important to optimize lifecycle campaigns to keep customers happy and engaged. 

In this session, you’ll learn how a leading home security and alarm monitoring company, Brinks Home, uses cutting-edge AI technology to automate and accelerate experimentation for their subscription renewal campaign. Find out how they are using first-party data to improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and bottom-line profitability by replacing A/B testing with self-learning AI.


  • William Niles, CEO at Brinks Home
  • George Khachatryan, CEO at OfferFit


These are just a few of the sessions that will cover customer and ecommerce experiences—we hope to see you at our ecommerce conference in NYC this June 21-22!