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With more consumers than ever occupying digital spaces, content marketing is becoming a necessary strategy for brands. In our latest webinar, 2021: The Rise of Content Marketing, Maura Smith (CMO, Pepperjam), Kelley Coleman (Executive Director, Ecommerce, Tarte Cosmetics), Adriana Fudala (VP, Americas Marketing, Clarks) and Nilla Ali (SVP, Commerce, Buzzfeed) discuss why content marketing is growing and how your brand can adopt strategies to better connect with customers.

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The CN Holiday Summit covered a number of topics to help retailers prepare for the combined challenges of peak season and COVID-19. In the session, No Tears This Holiday: Planning Around Ecommerce Bottlenecks, Sarah Rasmusen (Chief Customer Officer, Lands' End) shared a few of Lands' End's strategies to tackle the pandemic and previewed what retail will look like post COVID-19.

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