COMMERCENEXT 2022: Speaker Spotlights

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This year’s ecommerce growth conference is coming up quickly, and we cannot wait to see all of you at the New York Hilton Midtown on June 21-22. CommerceNext 2022 will be featuring 50+ sessions and 100+ industry professionals speaking about various topics like customer acquisition, rising industry trends, technological advances and more.

Read on to learn marketing tips from some CN2022 speakers — and register today!

Day 1: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Speaker: JuE Wong, CEO at Olaplex

FIRESIDE CHAT: Building the Next Big Brand: From Disruptor to Power Player (10:20am)

  • “Apply Big Data, AI and ML to provide attitudinal customization.”


Speaker: Charlie Cole, Chief Executive Officer at FTD

KEYNOTE: Be Your Own Disruptor: How FTD Embraced its Digital Transformation (1:15pm)

  • “In a world where Google and Facebook keep getting harder to track and more expensive… what’s your plan? If your plan is “we’re just going to get better at Google and Facebook” I would argue you have no plan.” 


Speaker: Jason Nickel, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Ten Thousand

BREAKOUT TRACK: New Twist on Traditional Marketing (2:25pm)

  • “Vendor Day! For years (more than I care to count), every Thursday for an hour, my team takes short pitches on everything from new marketing tech to emerging channels. It’s the best way I’ve found to balance learning about the next big thing with, well, everything else.”


Speaker: Chip Malt, CEO at made-in

BREAKOUT SESSION: Christmas In June: Optimizing Ecommerce for the Gift Buyer (3:55pm)

  • “Apple privacy is the best thing to ever happen. Brands will now have to win spending their focus on customers and product versus tinkering with algorithms.”


Speaker: Chip Overstreet, CEO at Spiceology

BREAKOUT SESSION: Christmas In June: Optimizing Ecommerce for the Gift Buyer (3:55pm)

  • “Remember that digital is digital, work hard to make your conversion path as experiential as possible, help consumers feel/smell/taste your product as best you can.”


Speaker: Brian Seewald, SVP Ecommerce at EXPRESS

PANEL: Reimagining Ecommerce Experiences for Today’s Customer Needs (4:35pm)

  • “Do what’s right for your customer and what’s true to your brand purpose … what works for everyone else won’t necessarily work for you.”


Day 2: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Speaker: Miki Racine Berardelli, Principal/ Founder at miki b LLC

PANEL: Digital Leadership and Organizations for the Next Wave of Growth (9:35am)

  • “As a retailer (and especially a marketer) your responsibility is to understand the customer and ensure that they have a seat at the table when making all decisions about the business.”


Speaker: Ian Yung, VP of Growth at Parachute

PANEL: Adapting Advertising for a New Era of Data Privacy (10:50am)

  • “Experimentation should help guide decision-making, not be an objective in itself. Being clear about what decision you are trying to make will clarify the test design and help reduce wasted resources.”


Speaker: Matt Gehring, CMO at Dutch

PANEL: Adapting Advertising for a New Era of Data Privacy (10:50am)

  • “Talk to your customers. Yes, actually talk to them. Especially for early-stage companies, taking time to listen to what initial customers like and do not like can really help make sure you are focusing on what matters most.”


Speaker: William Niles, Chief Executive Officer at Brinks Home

SPONSOR KEYNOTE: Elevating Customer Experience in the Age of AI (1:45pm)

  • “Follow the data. Don’t be afraid to fail fast and try again.”


Speaker: Tyler Berglund, CMO at Tres Colori

BREAKOUT SESSION: Level Up Your Social Media With These 5 Tips For Working with TikTok Creators  (2:30pm)

  • “The problem with a profitable ad is it’s only profitable until it isn’t. Know your numbers and remain curious.”


Speaker: Craig Brommers, CMO at American Eagle Outfitters

KEYNOTE: How American Eagle Attracts Gen-Z Consumers in the Metaverse (4:40pm)

  • “There is no such thing as a Metaverse expert. There are only people, and brands, willing to put in the effort to be innovators.”


These are just a sneak peek at the insights our 100+ speakers have to share at this year’s ecommerce growth conference. You don’t want to miss out–check out the full agenda here and register to attend CommerceNext 2022 today!