CN 2022 Bonus Podcast Episodes

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We had so many excellent speakers at this year’s CommerceNext ecommerce conference and were lucky to be joined by several for more intimate conversations on our podcast. In these bonus podcast episodes, we dove deeper into industry topics with speakers, expanding on their sessions and more. We’re excited to share some of the main takeaways from each episode and invite you to listen to the full podcast episodes. Don’t forget to subscribe to Conversations with CommerceNext for more marketing strategy content.

Sucharita Kodali, Vice President And Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Talking Macro Economic Trends At The CommerceNext Ecommerce Growth Show 2022

  • Forrester talks about macroeconomic trends and the role of sustainability in today’s market in this bonus podcast episode.
  • Suchurita Kodali addresses the negative sentiments on the part of consumers and businesses, but questions the negativity in the context of data such as individual net worth, income and savings. 

Craig Brommers, CMO American Eagle Takes On The Metaverse At The CommerceNext Ecommerce Growth Show 2022

  • Craig Brommers talks about the role of the modern marketer and the metaverse. 
  • American Eagle, Gen Z’s number #1 specialty retailer, discusses in this bonus podcast how they broke into the metaverse with their Roblox campaign.  

FTD CEO Charlie Cole Talks Disruption At The CommerceNext Ecommerce Growth Show 2022

  • FTD CEO Charlie Cole sits down with us to talk disruption and tells us not to sleep on next generation media opportunities.
  • Cole gives an inside look at the problems FTD is trying to solve within its model and the improvements they’re making in 2022.  

Brian Beitler, SVP, vCommerce Ventures, Qurate Retail Group, Shares Insights From Decades of Livestreaming Retail

  • Brian Beitler shares his insights from decades of livestreaming retail
  • Livestreaming and live shopping are buzzwords in retailers’ vocabularies just as ecommerce was a buzzword. In this bonus podcast, Vcommerce shared how they are taking the spotlight now, as digital marketers in the halls are asking each other “Do you think we should livestream?” 
  • Qurate sees Vcommerce as the future.

Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer, Elf Beauty on Digital Leadership For The Next Wave of Growth

  • Ekta Chopra advises each brand to create a first-party data strategy. Brands neglecting that aren’t going to last. 
  • Elf Beauty focuses on the key items that will move the needle and do them well.

Amanda Bopp, VP North American Marketing, Kate Spade + Sarah Rasmusen, EVP, Chief Customer Officer, Lands’ End, Turning Data Into Insights

  • Amanda Bopp and Sarah Rasmussen talk about how to transform data into insights and the process to activate your data.
  • Bopp emphasizes in this bonus podcast episode that measurement is way easier said than done, and requires a lot of communication and trust across an organization to be smart and data-driven.

Daren Hull, President, Vera Bradley + Andrea Moore, SVP Digital, E-commerce and Consumer Insights at NEST New York Talk About Staying Customer Obsessed

  • Daren Hull and Andra Moore discuss why and how to stay customer-obsessed in order to provide consistent, high-quality customer experiences in this bonus podcast.
  • Hull and Morre emphasize being very clear about who your target customers are in an atmosphere where marketing costs are going up. Being narrow with that definition to drive more concentrated impressions through different types of media has been an effective strategy, both for NEST and Vera Bradley.

Alexa Ritacco, CMO, Jenni Kayne & Emily Hickey, CEO Chief Detective, On Super-Scaling A Brand With Content & Social

  • Alexa Ritacco and Emily Hicky discuss how to scale a brand with content and social. Creating a content machine to keep customers engaged with the brand keeps your efforts top of mind for your most relevant demographics.
  • When structuring their marketing team, the growth manager is in constant contact with the ad manager and the creative manager. Keeping these lines of communication open with a constantly active slack channel has been the key to Jenni Kayne’s growth.

Christine Pagano, Coach; Madison Hajeb, Kathleen Jiang, Manager, Tapestry; Carol-Lyn Jardine, Persado On The Art & Science of E-Commerce Innovation

  • During this podcast, conference panelists gather together to continue a conversation on how their brands have innovated and the methodology behind these groundbreaking results.
  • In general, retailers have access to so much data and the question becomes what to do with it. That’s where AI comes into play—when the piles of data become simplified by the computing infrastructure, the team can more efficiently and effectively make a more seamless customer experience.

Lisa Perlmutter SVP, Marketing & E-Commerce at Brilliant Earth and Lauren Thomas, Retail Reporter, CNBC talk about sustainability and sustainable competitive advantage

  • Brilliant Earth gave us an insiders’ look at their efforts in sustainability, how they structure their company to achieve these goals and why they believe these commitments are a competitive advantage.
  • In terms of the role of sustainability in the buying process, customers are not only desirous of buying from companies that share their values, but they’re also demanding to know this information, even more in the case of highly considered purchases such as diamonds.  

William Niles, CEO, and Lauren Gengler, Retention Marketing Manager at Brinks Home and George Khachatryan, CEO OfferFit Talk Leveraging AI For Next Generation Retention & Growth Campaigns

  • William Niles, CEO of Brinks Homes, illuminates the brands’ strategy for creating growth and retention marketing strategies using AI.
  • OfferFit creates an automated testing structure for marketers to constantly tweak elements of their campaigns to see what the most effective version of their messaging could be. Still, though, the marketer’s role with a tool like OfferFit is to bring new ideas that may connect with their customers. One of Brinks’ campaigns offers their existing customers a price increase in a retention email, which, while counterintuitive, is one of their best-performing campaigns.

David Han, VP, Product, Neiman Marcus and Brian Seewald, SVP, eCommerce, Express: The Next Frontier of Personalized Experiences

  • David Han and Brian Seewald join us to continue their conversation on why they believe personalized experiences comprise the next frontier of ecommerce.
  • Han uses Spotify as an example. What they’ve been able to do with recommendations of personalization. In Neiman Marcus’ context, the purchases a customer makes are indicative of their passions and help to reveal their preferences enabling further customization.

Ryan Monahan, CMO, Redcon1, On Scaling A Passionate Fan Base And Working With Celebrities

  • Ryan Monahan of Redcon1 talks about building and scaling a passionate fan base and working with celebrities to ignite high-growth campaigns in this bonus podcast.
  • Redcon1 aims to balance their focus between brand name partnerships and athletes to increase recognition, in addition to logistics partnerships with brands like Walmart and Vitamin Shoppe 

Scott Geftman, President of Rowing Blazers & Omair Tariq, CEO & Co-founder, Talk Retail Innovation

  • Scott Geftman and Omair Tariq dive deeper into their conversation on retail innovation.
  • During their session, they talk about scale. Outsourcing fulfillment to a service provider like aids Rowing Blazers mightily in their ability to scale because they specialize in meeting fulfillment needs for companies of different sizes.

We had such an inspiring set of speakers at the CommerceNext 2022 conference and are looking forward to continuing these conversations online. Please comment on any questions or ideas these Conversations with Commerce Next spark, and catch up on any missed episodes of the podcast here.