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Conversations with CommerceNext: Bonus Podcast Episodes

CN 2022 Bonus Podcast Episodes

We had so many excellent speakers at this year’s CommerceNext ecommerce conference and were lucky to be joined by several for more intimate conversations on our podcast. In these bonus podcast episodes, we dove deeper into industry topics with speakers, expanding on their sessions and more. We’re excited to share some of the main takeaways from each episode and invite you to listen to the full podcast episodes. Don’t forget to subscribe to Conversations with CommerceNext for more marketing strategy content. Sucharita Kodali, Vice President And Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Talking Macro Economic Trends At The CommerceNext Ecommerce Growth Show 2022 Forrester talks

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Technical Debt

How to Reduce Ecommerce Technical “Debt” and Maintain a Great Customer Experience

Accruing ecommerce technical debt can slow down your organization–companies underequipped from a technology standpoint are crippled as they try to acquire new customers and expand.  In our most recent webinar, “How to Reduce Ecommerce Technical ‘Debt’ and Maintain a Great Customer Experience,” our experts from FTD, Alvarez & Marsal, commercetools and Capgemini discussed their experiences in dealing with paying down technical debt and replacing decaying, insufficient infrastructure with systems built to last.  What we learned:  What is Tech Debt Types of Tech Debt Sources of Tech Debt How To Pay Down Technical Debt How to See What’s Going Wrong & What to Do

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Optimization Tactics to Deliver a Better, More Human Digital Experience

It’s no secret that optimization improves your digital experience—customers have high expectations of website UX and will shop elsewhere if your brand doesn’t deliver.  In our most recent webinar, “Optimization Tactics to Deliver a Better, More Human Digital Experience,” our experts from E.L.F Beauty, Hanky Panky, Saatva and Contentsquare discussed how their teams are doing continual work testing, experimenting and optimization. What we learned:  What is Optimization? How to Manage the Optimization Process Identifying Key Areas to Test How to See what’s Going Wrong & What to Do We also polled our community to see their self-reported top struggles in improving their customers’

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What Gen Z Consumers Are Looking For

Gen Z consumers are a hot topic in retail right now—brands are constantly looking to better understand Gen Z’s shopping habits, trends, and the best ways to connect with them as customers. Read on to learn from a CommerceNext Gen Z intern what topics concern Gen Z customers, along with how brands can market to them and employ them successfully.   1. What’s Shaped Gen Z   Gen Zers have grown up in the internet age, and most would likely have difficulty remembering a time when the entirety of the information of the world wasn’t easily available at their fingertips. While this shift

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Modernizing Customer Engagement Like A Jedi Master

The rules and best practices of customer engagement continue to evolve with each quarter. With marked increases in social media usage and the prospect of web3/the metaverse and more immersive forms of digital communication, firms are testing the new rules of modernizing customer engagement.  In our most recent webinar, “Modernizing Customer Engagement Like A Jedi Master,” our experts from WW, KEEN, Home Chef and GiftNow discussed how their teams are shifting their current digital strategy to create deeper engagements with their customers. What we learned:  Modernize Your Customer Engagement Social Commerce and the Metaverse Lowest Common Denominator vs Customer Journeys Read on to

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Announcing the Winners of the 2022 CommerceNexty Awards

Awards went to American Eagle Outfitters, Bombas, E.L.F. Beauty, Gainful, Made In, Old Navy, TULA Skincare and Warby Parker Recognizing the efforts, creativity and innovations of retail and ecommerce professionals is an important part of our CommerceNext community. The CommerceNexty Awards, sponsored by Simon Data, were developed to celebrate the year’s best marketing and ecommerce programs, delivering truly breakthrough results. After receiving over 100 nominations, we narrowed it down to 27 finalists across 7 categories. Along with two special honorees, Jamie Gersch, SVP and CMO, Old Navy, Marketing Visionary winner, and Craig Brommers, CMO, American Eagle Outfitters, Digital Disruptor winner, there are seven

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