How to Evolve Your Digital Future: Live Shopping Tips From Qurate Retail Group

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Qurate Retail Group, which includes QVC, HSN and several other brands, was among the first to enter the digital future and introduce live shopping on linear TV more than 40 years ago. Today, Qurate Retail Group is the largest player in video commerce (“vCommerce”), which spans video-driven shopping across linear TV, ecommerce sites, digital streaming and social platforms like TikTok and Facebook. 

During his keynote session at CommerceNext 2022, Brian Beitler, SVP, vCommerce Ventures at Qurate Retail Group shared many tips about how the brand continues to create sticky vCommerce experiences that build communities and drive sales. 

Read on to explore the live shopping tips shared during Brian’s session, or watch the full session recording here.

1. “The Future is Coming, and the Future is Live”—Grasping the Significance of Livestream Ecommerce

The themes of this session were apparent from the start: it’s imperative retailers enter the “live” shopping realm, the prominence of live shopping in the industry today and how it will continue to rise in the digital future.

According to the chart below, livestreaming ecommerce sales are projected to increase in the years to come.

Live Shopping Tips

Livestream ecommerce is not a conversation, but rather our industry’s reality. It is the newest and most efficient way to reach your target audience and give them the most personalized digital shopping experience. Retailers looking to remain successful and relevant in this ever-changing world must jump on the livestreaming train before it’s too late.

2. Start Experimenting in the Digital Future Today

You understand how important it is to enter the livestream ecommerce space, but where do you even begin? It’s actually quite simple. You can go live at any time on a variety of platforms; there is no need for professional equipment and crews. 

Research and trial and error are factors in every experiment. However, Qurate Retail Group shared a few questions to ask yourself in order to be a step ahead when beginning your live shopping journey:

  • Where can I reach the majority of my target audience? (Website, social platforms, linear TV, etc.)
  • What connects with my customer?
  • How am I going to convey the brand story? (What’s the narrative?)

Once you collect these answers, you are ready to start experimenting with livestream ecommerce and expand your brand’s overall reach into the digital future. 

3. Have Fun Telling YOUR Story

In the end, the main purpose of live shopping is to bring the most personalized digital experience to your customers. In order to do this successfully, your brand needs to be as authentic as possible. 

“There’s no better way to tell your story than to tell your story” 

— Brian Beitler

Going live allows you to bring the richness and texture of those in love with your brand to the forefront. Identify your and your audience’s tone, quirks and interesting traits, and bring that all to your livestreams. Incorporating your own personalization into this space allows it to be more open and fun for your audience.


With our industry evolving so quickly, it can be challenging to stay relevant and timely for the digital future. Brian Beitler believes live shopping is the future of the retail world, and it’s time for you to join the trend! Watch Brian’s full session on the CommerceNext Youtube channel today to learn more about starting your livestream ecommerce ventures.