Watch The Levi’s, ThirdLove And UNTUCKit Keynotes From CommerceNext 2018

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First, watch our opening keynote delivered by Levi’s EVP and President of Global Retail, Carrie Ask. Legendary and legacy, Levi’s continually commits to reinvigorating the brand to stay current and ahead of the curve. Lately, they’ve been innovating the brick-and-mortar concept to catapult their customer acquisition tactics.

ThirdLove’s Chief Creative Officer, Ra’el Cohen, brought us back to the world of ecommerce customer acquisition in her Day 2 keynote. In an industry with plenty of players, ThirdLove completely disrupted the mundane act of bra shopping, drawing new customers from every edge of the market.

Aaron Sanandres, CEO of UNTUCKit, brought us full circle in his keynote of taking an online-first brand offline while keeping high customer acquisition rates.

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Carrie Ask, EVP and President of Global Retail, Levi Strauss & Co.

Ra’el Cohen, Chief Creative Officer, ThirdLove

Aaron Sanandres, CEO & Co-founder, UNTUCKit