Season 3 Podcast Highlights: Strategies for Digital Commerce

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In the third season of Conversations with CommerceNext, we’ve had some excellent execs from a wide range of fields in the realm of digital commerce and retail share the strategies that advanced their careers and companies. 


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FTD CEO Charlie Cole Talks Transformation, Prioritization, and the Power of Mentors (Episode 8)

CEO of FTD Charlie Cole on Conversations with CommerceNext, an Ecommerce Podcast

  • Cole offers career advice by suggesting that all retail industry workers expose themselves to diverse leadership styles to build one’s own personal potential. 
  • As proven through the pandemic, plans can change very quickly, so it is important to not be too hyper-focused on concrete goals and to allow for growth’s natural momentum.
  • Retailers must understand that technologists do not have enough context of the retail industry and retailers need to give them that context to keep up with the fast pace of digital commerce. This relationship is key for mutual success. 


John Hazen, Boot Barn Chief Digital Officer, Finds the Right Fit with Stores & Ecommerce (Episode 7)

CDO John Hazen from Boot Barn on Conversations with CommerceNext, an Ecommerce Podcast

  • Hazen describes being a stores-first retail business while prioritizing digital commerce.
  • Hazen’s strategy with ecommerce is to always say yes! Figure out new commerce ventures as you go and take risks. The beauty of digital commerce is the ability to move quickly.
  • In terms of technology recommendations, Hazen suggests retailers focus on the potential of incorporating AI in retail rather than VR, which he sees more as a dead end for retail strategy.


A Masterclass in Data, Insights and Media Measurement with Estee Lauder’s Doug Jensen (Episode 6)

SVP Doug Jensen on Conversations with CommerceNext, an Ecommerce Podcast

  • Jensen describes a three-part marketing model for digital commerce including: desirability, analyzing traffic and conversion. 
  • Jensen also details a measuring framework for brands’ budget allocation separating media content that is paid for, owned as an asset and earned through engagement. 


Fashion E-commerce Pioneer Sarah Gallagher on the Art & Science of Retail (Episode 5)

Sarah Gallagher on Conversations with CommerceNext, an Ecommerce Podcast

  • Gallagher shares the secret to her success in retail branding: hiring people who are smarter than her and share similar values.
  • In the post-COVID era, it is increasingly important to incorporate hybridism while knowing which tasks should be performed remotely or in-person. 
  • In the next five years, leadership roles will likely change as the tasks of Chief Digital Officers will become embedded within companies and more people will become fluent in digital commerce language. 

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