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Digital Trends

New Digital Trends and Investment Priorities Research

Our latest research focuses on the strategies for growth and investment priorities to consider in 2023.  We partnered with The Commerce Experience Collective (CommX) to poll over 100 digital and marketing executives from every retail vertical about: How the past year measured up to forecasts made in 2021, and what the growth targets are for 2023.  What the biggest obstacles to growth will be in 2023.  What the plan is for 2023, to both overcome those obstacles and maximize investments. In this benchmark report, the major takeaways you’ll learn about are: How 2022’s disappointing sales led to tempered expectations for 2023. The ways

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Top 5 Marketing Tips to Kick Off 2023

Marketing Tips to Kick Off 2023

The new year is here, which means it is time to consider new ecommerce strategies and ideas to test. It can be difficult to prioritize which methods to attack, so we’ve compiled a list of the top three marketing tips to kick off 2023 as well as ways to stay in the know on the latest. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to put these tips into action in 2023. 1. Doubling Down on Being Customer-Centric As we reported in late 2022, this next year’s ecommerce winners will have invested heavily in personalization. It’s been a priority for years, but this will be

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Top 5 Happenings at NRF

Top 5 Happenings at the NRF Big Show

The NRF Big Show is one of the biggest events for the retail community, and it’s back in 2023. Over the course of three days, attendees will have access to 175+ sessions, 350+ speakers and 800+ exhibitors. It is sure to be an amazing experience for networking and learning the newest trends in the retail industry. In case you’re not sure what to take advantage of at the NRF Big Show, we rounded up the five key happenings we think you should look out for to optimize your experience! 1. Consumer Product Showcase NRF’s Consumer Product Showcase is a new event that will

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Emerging Ecommerce Trends

Emerging Ecommerce Trends that Led 2022

This past year has been a whirlwind of adjusting to different economic conditions and changing marketing strategies in a post-pandemic world. At our CommerceNext 2022 conference, top retailers and brands shared the strategies that they developed to conquer the challenges that 2022 brought. Read on for the rundown on the emerging ecommerce trends of 2022 from Jenni Kayne, GoPuff and Qurate Retail Group.  1. Scaling Content for Social Media Content is the atomic unit, according to Emily Hickey, who runs Chief Detective and produces advertising for Jenni Kayne. At our 2022 summit, she and Alexia Ritacco, CMO of Jenni Kayne, explained how their

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Customer Retention Strategies

Customer Retention Strategies and Personalization

The holiday season is upon us which means companies will be preparing for many new customers. According to our benchmark survey with CommX, 63% of retailers are expecting holiday 2022 sales to beat 2021. Thus, it is critical to focus on customer retention strategies for repeat purchases beyond the holidays.  In our webinar Winning Customer Loyalty Beyond Holiday Sales, we discussed several retention strategies that retailers can use to create a winning customer personalization experience such as: Creating a loyal following straight from the first purchase Focusing on personalization with customer retention strategies Experimentation with new models for better data collection Establishing strong

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New Personalization Research

Our newest research report focuses on better understanding the relationship between customers’ personalization experience and their ideas about data privacy.  We partnered with The Commerce Experience Collective (CommX), Bizrate, and Coresight Research to poll over 1,000 shoppers of different ages and income on:  Their desire for personalization throughout ecommerce experiences.  Their willingness to exchange personal data for personalization. YOU’LL LEARN: Which groups of consumers appreciate personalization the most, and which care most about privacy. What aspects of personalization consumers notice and prefer more than others. The impact of consumers’ privacy concerns on their personalization preferences. Download the free report here. Personalization Preferences One

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Ecommerce Growth Show

Join The CommerceNext Ecommerce Growth Show in June 2023

It’s time—registration for our Ecommerce Growth Show is open now!  CommerceNext 2023 will feature 120+ speakers from leading retail, DTC brands and innovative tech companies. It’s the perfect venue to network with industry peers and be a part of the conversation about the future of ecommerce.  You don’t have to take our word for it—here are what some of our previous attendees have to say about CommerceNext conferences. Suruchi Shukla (VP Marketing, Minted)  “I think CommerceNext is raising the right questions that a marketer needs to be addressing, so being a part of this conference was just important. If somebody was thinking about

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Composable Commerce

Using Composable Commerce to Prepare for Traffic Peaks

During the holiday season, it is standard for retailers to see spikes in traffic. Planning for such spikes requires heavy planning with strategies like code freezes. Though traditional methods can work, many leading figures in the retail industry are advocating for making use of composable commerce as a better tool for spike preparation.  In our webinar, Treat Any Day Like Black Friday: How Composable Commerce Unwraps Your New Normal, we discussed the importance of composable commerce in modern operations.  Speakers  Dylan Valade, Head of Global Ecommerce Technology at PUMA and Ambassador at MACH Alliance Deepa Shekhar, Director of Digital Marketing Technologies at Logitech

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Season 3 Podcast Highlights: Strategies for Digital Commerce

In the third season of Conversations with CommerceNext, we’ve had some excellent execs from a wide range of fields in the realm of digital commerce and retail share the strategies that advanced their careers and companies.    Check out our biggest takeaways from the latest episodes featuring FTD, Estee Lauder, Boot Barn and more. And don’t forget to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.    FTD CEO Charlie Cole Talks Transformation, Prioritization, and the Power of Mentors (Episode 8) Cole offers career advice by suggesting that all retail industry workers expose themselves to diverse leadership styles to build one’s own personal potential.  As

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