Revolutionizing Marketing with ChatGPT: Insights from the CommerceNext Ecommerce Growth Show

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The future of marketing is undergoing a transformation, and at its forefront is cutting-edge AI technologies like ChatGPT. It’s a topic that everyone in the industry is talking about, and we covered many facets of AI at the 2023 Ecommerce Growth Show. From automated experimentation to privacy-focused customer engagement, these three sessions explore how AI is reshaping marketing’s present and how you can get ready for the future. 

AI’s Takeover of Mundane Marketing Tasks

Traditional marketing tasks like A/B testing, copywriting and data engineering have long been time-consuming and resource-intensive. This session, presented by George Khachatryan, Co-Founder & CEO of Offerfit, explored how new AI models like Chat GPT are poised to revolutionize marketing by taking over these mundane tasks. 

Three key barriers to achieving the ultimate goal of personalized marketing are: data integration, content authorship and experimentation. Khachatryan highlighted how AI tools will enable marketers to achieve personalized interactions at scale, eliminating the traditional challenges of 1:1 personalization and creative production. AI is essentially an extension of machine learning and language models like ChatGPT are adept at tasks like code writing and data integration. As it continues to advance, AI is poised to break down these barriers and reshape the marketing landscape. 

Maximizing Engagement with AI 

The era of AI-driven marketing has arrived, bringing about transformative changes in campaign strategies, customer engagement and success measurement. In this session, Leslie Leifer from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and Jaysen Gillespie from RTB House shared insights into the two main types of AI: predictive and generative. 

When most people in the industry talk about AI, they’re either focused on predictive AI, which focuses on anticipating user behavior, or generative AI like ChatGPT, which creates content or visuals. The new version of ChatGPT is so advanced that it can take a look at a picture of your refrigerator and create a recipe for you based on the ingredients you have on hand. Leifer’s company has used various AI systems to engage with its customers by creating personalized songs for Mother’s Day and dad jokes for Father’s Day. Using AI to infuse value and creativity into customer interactions greatly enhances customer engagement and the customer experience. The session wrapped up by outlining actionable steps to initiate AI integration, such as  determining the right partners for your company and bringing together an AI working group to understand how to best apply AI at your company. 

Leveraging AI in Real-Time 

In an era where customer data privacy is vital, marketing strategies are evolving to navigate a privacy-first landscape. In this session led by Manish Malhotra, Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Data Science at Session AI, the challenges of engaging with anonymous website visitors were explored. With over 90% of site visitors being anonymous, and privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA reshaping the digital landscape, traditional methods are becoming obsolete.

The session highlighted the concept of in-session marketing, where AI plays a pivotal role. By synthesizing short-term behaviors from in-session activities, businesses can use AI to create live segments, personalized triggers and unique experiences in real-time. The integration of AI enables businesses to predict buying behaviors and tailor offers accordingly, leading to increased conversions and revenue. For example, AI can help to tell if a customer is more likely to buy something and then the website can work to cross-sell and upsell. It can also help to convert on-the-fencers by identifying influenceable visitors and nudging them to complete their purchases in real-time. 

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