Exploring the Power of Omnichannel Retail with Trina Turk and Amazon Today

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The CommerceNext 2023 Ecommerce Growth Show was full of insights for retailers seeking innovative ways to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce. One breakout session, “Omnichannel is Everything: How Retailers Can Amplify and Optimize In-Store Inventory,” featuring Ashley Walker, Director of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce at Trina Turk and Mel Lubey, Strategic Partnerships at Amazon Today, delved into the intersection of ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail. With a focus on meeting customers’ demands for convenience and immediacy, the session unearthed key omnichannel strategies that retailers can harness to create a seamless, customer-centric shopping experience.

Read on to learn the session’s key takeaways or watch the full recording below.

The Ecommerce-Brick-and-Mortar Nexus

The session kicked off by addressing the changing shopping behaviors of consumers. Studies have shown that 51% of shoppers search for products online before visiting a physical store, emphasizing the need for retailers to bridge the gap between digital and in-store experiences. Furthermore, the significance of same-day delivery as a purchase decision influencer was highlighted, with 95% of shoppers recognizing its importance when shopping online.

Embracing the Omnichannel Opportunity

Both Trina Turk and Amazon Today shared their vision for the future of retail — one that converges ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores. This approach, known as omnichannel retail, involves seamlessly integrating online and offline shopping channels to provide customers with a holistic and cohesive experience. The potential for omnichannel to drive growth and enhance customer satisfaction was a central theme throughout the session.

Trina Turk’s Omnichannel Journey

Trina Turk’s story of embracing omnichannel retail was both enlightening and inspiring. Historically focusing on the wholesale aspect of its business, the company made a pivotal shift in 2020 to become a DTC brand. This transition prompted a re-evaluation of their approach to customer engagement.

Customer testing emerged as a core strategy for Trina Turk. Collaborating with Amazon Today, they began opening pop-up stores to gauge demand in different regions without the commitment of a permanent brick-and-mortar location. This approach not only allowed them to connect with customers on a local level but also contributed to optimizing their inventory strategy.

The realization that speed in product delivery was a crucial factor for customers led Trina Turk to prioritize omnichannel retail. Their journey was led by Ashley Walker, Director, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce at Trina Turk who spearheaded the initiative by bringing together cross-functional teams including fulfillment, merchandising, technology and marketing. This integration shattered silos and united different aspects of the business, aligning them toward the shared goal of customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

The Amazon Today Partnership: A Swift Integration

The partnership between Trina Turk and Amazon Today exemplified the potential of strategic collaborations in the realm of omnichannel retail. By joining forces, the brands were able to implement their vision swiftly, leveraging Amazon Today’s resources without the need to hire additional team members. This collaboration, which aimed to enhance the customer experience and generate positive revenue, demonstrated that sometimes investing a little upfront can yield substantial gains in the long run.

Unlocking the Potential of Omnichannel Retail

Trina Turk’s journey illustrated the transformative power of integrating ecommerce and in-store experiences. One of the standout strategies they adopted was the BOPIS model, which seamlessly connected their online presence with their physical locations. This not only addressed the need for speed in product acquisition but also presented opportunities to curate collections based on real-time customer feedback.

Furthermore, Trina Turk showcased the potential of using omnichannel retail as a platform for testing new collections. By gauging the response to new products in-store, they could refine their offerings and curate a collection that would eventually be available on their website.

A Call to Action: Embrace Omnichannel Retail

The session concluded with a compelling call to action for retailers: embrace omnichannel retail without hesitation. Overthinking and dismissing opportunities due to perceived complexities could lead to missed revenue prospects. The synergy of partnerships and integrations, as exemplified by Trina Turk and Amazon Today, not only optimizes the customer experience but also cultivates substantial growth.


The “Omnichannel is Everything” breakout session at CommerceNext 2023 showcased the immense potential of merging ecommerce and brick-and-mortar efforts. The journey of Trina Turk and their partnership with Amazon Today highlighted the power of collaboration, agility and customer-centric thinking. By harnessing the capabilities of both online and offline channels, retailers can not only meet the demands of modern consumers but also create a shopping experience that seamlessly integrates convenience, speed and personalized engagement. As the session’s takeaways echo, life is indeed better with bold prints, and in the world of retail, it’s even better with an omnichannel approach.

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