Learn All About Consumer Retention & Loyalty at The 2023 Ecommerce Conference

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Get ready for the annual 2023 CommerceNext Ecommerce Growth Show on June 20-21st, an event that continues to revolutionize the industry. Over 1700 retail and DTC executives will unite to explore the latest trends and opportunities for growth. Featuring 120+ industry-leading speakers, spread across 50+ sessions, this year’s show guarantees an unforgettable and valuable experience for ecommerce and marketing professionals. 

One of the main topics at this year’s ecommerce conference is consumer retention and loyalty. We’re diving into four sessions all focused on how you can keep your best customers coming back:

Continue reading to discover the valuable insights awaiting you in these sessions and look at the full agenda to see the stellar lineup for June 20-21st. 

Unifying Sol de Janeiro’s Email & SMS Program Reveals Big Wins

Sol De Janeiro, a brand inspired by the radiant warmth of the “Sun of January,” successfully connects with its audience by emphasizing its commitment to sharing the exhilarating essence of peak summer bliss with all. During their session, Sol de Janeiro and Listrak, a cross-channel marketing automation platform, will discuss how their partnership has led to success and lessons learned. 

Genevieve Head-Gordon, the Director of Ecommerce & Growth at Sol de Janeiro, and Karen DiClemente, the Head of Retail Practice at Listrak, have essential tips to share on the power of aligning goals and passion with the right partners. With the assistance of Listrak, Sol de Janeiro enhanced its campaign comprehension by unifying attribution and measurement parameters. The consolidation of their email and SMS programs enabled them to improve their understanding of their campaigns. Don’t miss the opportunity at this ecommerce conference to discover the roadmap to retaining customers in today’s ever-evolving retail landscape. 

Keep Your Fans Engaged: SNIPES x Cordial Share Cross-Channel Marketing Success

Jenna Flateman Posner, the Chief Digital Officer at SNIPES USA, and Rhon Bell, the Director of CRM Strategy at Cordial, offer valuable insights on building high-return, cross-channel marketing strategies. 

SNIPES, originally a German-based streetwear retailer, now operates over 650 stores across the US and Europe, driven by its commitment to moving streetwear culture forward. SNIPES partnered with Cordial, a cross-channel marketing and customer engagement platform, to effectively leverage customer and business data to automate marketing messages across multiple channels. This strategic approach enabled them to provide enhanced value to their subscriber base. SNIPES and Cordial will be delving deeper into the strategic email, SMS and push campaigns they used to drive SNIPES’ consumers toward the high-value actions they desire. 

How Generative AI Enhances Retention and Loyalty at Kate Spade 

Since 1993, Kate Spade has been known for its vibrant and playful designs that offer a wide range of stylish accessories and apparel founded on optimistic femininity. In this session, Amanda Bopp, the VP of North America Marketing at Kate Spade, and Michele Nemschoff, the SVP of Marketing at Persado, will share the benefit of using Generative AI to connect with customers on an emotional level, foster a sense of community and cultivate high consumer retention rates. Generative AI involves training a model to generate new and original content such as images, text or music. 

At the ecommerce conference, Amanda Bopp will also share the emphasis she places on leveraging insights, data and customized language to deliver meaningful and delightful customer experiences through cross-channel marketing. Kate Spade recognizes the joy it can create for consumers through its designs and styling and focuses on the human element of the digital retail experience. In doing so, they have higher consumer retention rates and more loyal customers than their competitors. Industry professionals and marketing enthusiasts alike can learn priceless tips from this luxury brand on the personal and emotional strategies they employ to retain faithful customers. 

How Bubble Skincare Retains an Army of Loyal Gen Z Customers 

Founded in 2020, Bubble Skincare has branded itself as an innovative and affordable skincare brand accessible to all. With a focus on sustainability and a “Skin School” dedicated to providing skin care tips, Bubble Skincare has seen remarkable growth, especially among Gen Z consumers.

By prioritizing an engaging shopping experience, the brand focuses on building lasting relationships with each and every customer. Emma Standing, the Director of Ecommerce and Customer Experience at Bubble, and Rosa Hu, the VP of Product Marketing at Yotpo, will share how the brand successfully built a consumer retention strategy focused on creating exceptional experiences at the conference. This approach helps convert first-time shoppers into loyal repeat customers and enthusiastic brand advocates. By learning from Bubble Skincare’s story as a fast-growing start-up, attendees will learn best practices for communicating with Gen-Z and how they can optimize customer journeys. 

Learning about consumer retention and loyalty is crucial for brands looking for revenue growth, brand advocacy and more. Explore these topics and many captivating sessions at the highly anticipated 2023 Ecommerce Growth Show. Register now to join industry leaders, gain valuable insights and create connections with fellow professionals at the fastest growing ecommerce conference!