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Forbes + CommerceNext: Interview with Cathy Beaupain (President of Dermstore)

Oct 30, 2017 Marketing Tips

by Rachel Klein

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We’ve all spent an hour – or seven – engrossed in a Zynga mobile game. What pulled us in and what kept our interest? The same principles we should be using in retail to attain and build customer lifetime value. From A/B testing to extensive data analytics, Cathy Beaupain (Dermstore President) breaks down what retailers can learn from pro gamers in a Forbes interview with CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev.

Zynga knew from the get-go it had to focus as heavily on the target customer as it did on its technology. Balancing the two disciplines – customer learning and data analysis – paid off well. Cathy knew that, like any industry working with a “customer first” mentality, retail would require the same.

Now, at Dermstore, Cathy judges the health of her business by looking at those metrics associated with Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). How exactly has Cathy helped Dermstore double its CLTV since she joined? Coming from a gaming background where in-the-moment actions are all you have to hook a player, Dermstore learned to shift its perspective and priorities from the standard ecommerce practices. Ready to learn how to game your retail? Read the full article as originally published in Forbes.

Check out Cathy talk about the application of AI in the future of retail in a panel at last year’s event:


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