Getting Under The Hood With Attribution: Meet Our Panel

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Attribution is one of marketing’s biggest headaches. It’s also an absolute necessity for measuring incrementality and managing ROI. With so many differing opinions on how best to handle attribution, retailers often find themselves struggling for real answers amongst the noise.

With multi-touch attribution, models can be difficult to build out and maintain, often requiring a data science team or specialized partners. Some retailers have defaulted to last-click attribution, which has it’s pitfalls given it’s bias towards lower-funnel marketing tactics.

Then, there’s the question of which metric should be used for optimizing media? Should it be return on ad spend (RoAS), cost per aquisition (CPA) or profitability? And, how do you ensure you’re capturing customer engagement and purchase across devices and channels?

Meet our panelists for this year’s ecommerce conference: Geoff Sanders (Senior Vice President of Growth at Casper), Barkha Saxena (Vice President of Data Science & Analytics at Poshmark), Stephen Kuhl (Co-founder and CEO at Burrow), Scott Gifis (President of AdRoll) and Rick Egan (SVP, Marketing at US Autoparts) —all experts in data and customer acquisition. They will bring their vast experience to tackle these questions and others in the upcoming CommerceNext 2019 panel “Getting Under the Hood with Attribution. Read on to learn more about each speaker.

Geoff Sanders

Geoffrey Sanders is a seasoned marketing vet across industries. As the current Senior Vice President of Growth at Casper, he leads the team responsible for customer acquisition and retention efforts spanning all paid media, onsite conversion, and CRM strategy and execution, as well as manages the North America eCommerce P&L. Prior to joining Casper, Geoff was VP of Growth & Customer Marketing at Betterment where he led the team responsible for all performance marketing across the customer lifecycle. He’s also a current member of CommerceNext’s Advisory Board. Before Betterment, Geoff was VP of Digital Marketing, CRM & Loyalty for Gilt and Gilt City, spent almost 10 years in Citi’s U.S. consumer businesses, worked in marketing at Gillette, in corporate strategy and marketing at Capital One, and in strategy consulting at Mitchell Madison Group and Sapient.




Barkha Saxena

Barkha Saxena boasts deep expertise in consumer digital behavior data and traditional marketing, acquisition, risk and customer management data as the Vice President of Data Science & Analytics at Poshmark. She leads large-scale analytics implementations across multiple industries, including advertising, financial services, retail, e-commerce and telecom. Prior to Poshmark, she was Vice President of Data Solutions and Analytics Product Management at Nomis Solutions and she also led the data team at comScore, Inc. as Vice President of Consumer Analytics. Earlier in her career, she was Director of Analytics and Corporate Strategy at FICO.





Stephen Kuhl photoStephen Kuhl reinvented the furniture industry by co-founding Burrow. The company offers clever, comfortable, and long-lasting furniture—and ships direct-to-consumer in one week. As the CEO of a digital-first, disrupting furniture company, Kuhl’s team has to know how this new type of a customer is finding Burrow and how to build loyalty in an age of manic customer preferences. Burrow was recently named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies and its sofa won TIME’s Best Inventions 2018. Stephen has a B.S. from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.





scott gifis

As President of AdRoll, Scott Gifis is responsible for moving the company towards their mission of empowering ambitious brands to grow their business, regardless of budget, resources, or marketing experience. Gifis has a proven track record of outperforming aggressive business growth expectations, often in hyper-competitive or uncertain markets, and a passion for building and leading world-class teams. 

As an industry veteran, Gifis has worked in tech/adtech for nearly 20 years. Prior to joining AdRoll, he served as Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Business Development at OpinionLab. Before OpinionLab, he was Vice President, Mid-Markets and Publisher Marketplace at Criteo where under his leadership, he launched and scaled Criteo’s North American Mid-Market business.  




(MODERATOR) Rick Egan is a marketing and ecommerce executive with 20 years’ experience helping brands connect with customers both offline and online. Frequent speaker and contributor on how brands can leverage trends across Paid, Email, SEO and Social Media landscape. Passions are teaching and mentoring Team members on how to develop digital strategies that help brands connect with their existing customers as well as help them to find new customers.







Over the next few months, we’ll continue announcing more of our stellar lineup for this year’s ecommerce conference. Stay tuned and subscribed for updates.

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