Veronika Sonsev

Veronika is a retail industry consultant, speaker and connector. She is one of the Co-founders of the CommerceNext summit and leads the retail practice for Chameleon Collective. Having started and sold a startup, which worked with some of the largest retailers, Veronika has an intimate knowledge of the challenges facing retail and e-commerce today. She's also an advocate for women in business and founded the global non-profit mBolden (formerly Women in Wireless). Veronika has spoken at dozens of retail conferences, contributed to a number of publications and has been interviewed by NPR, WSJ, and TechCrunch. Veronika's success as an entrepreneur combined with her support for women in digital has led Fast Company to include her in its League of Extraordinary Women and TechWeek to name her as one of the Top 100 digital leaders in New York. She holds a BA from American University and an MBA from the Wharton School.

Posts by vsonsev:

Today we announced that nominations are now open for the 2021 CommerceNexty Awards. The CommerceNexty Awards are presented by Bloomreach and celebrate excellence in ecommerce and digital marketing and will be judged by CommerceNext’s Advisory Board, which is a group of more than 30 ecommerce and retail leaders. Winners will be announced at CommerceNext IRL, which takes place September 28–29, 2021, in New York City. Nominations are open until July 30, 2021.

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Loyalty building is critical for retaining shoppers. During the pandemic, Lowe's continually hits home runs in cultivating loyalty because they've gone back to their roots of supporting their communities in times of crisis. Driven by customer insights, Marisa Thalberg, Executive Vice President, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer executed a series of initiatives that: authentically connected with consumers during lockdown and reaffirmed Lowe's position as an essential brand. Among the initiatives, Lowe’s incorporated brand-driven stories into their marketing strategy to connect with customers in a more meaningful and emotional way.

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Inside Sephora Lexington Avenue NYC

Over the past year, our country begun confronting racial injustice and racial bias, and brands have been in the hot seat to implement new changes. Sephora emerged as a leader in fighting racial bias in the retail industry, being one of the first to develop a comprehensive plan to make internal and external changes. CommerceNext Co-Founder Veronika Sonsev interviewed Deborah Yeh, CMO at Sephora to discuss Sephora's recent dive into diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Loyalty Panel

Given how much retailers and direct to consumer brands invest in customer acquisition, we would be remiss not to cover the other side of the equation—retention. Capitalizing on retention and commanding loyalty from existing customers is critical to a company’s viability and long-term success. Studies have shown that a happy customer is up to five times more likely to repurchase. The marketing executives on this panel straddle both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail, and know what it takes to achieve happy customers through holistic customer engagement.

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We’re still 78 days away from this year's ecommerce conference and we’re busting at the seams! Due to an overwhelming response from retail and DTC brands, we’ve worked with the Hyatt to open up 100 more passes in anticipation of more than 800 attendees. This retail and ecommerce conference for next level customer acquisition is scheduled for July 31 and August 1, 2019, in the heart of New York City. This is the first year we will be hosting at the Grand Hyatt for a full two-day experience with almost double the content.

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Walmart and Glossier

CommerceNext 2019 is less than 90 days away! Today, we’re excited to announce two more keynotes for this year's ecommerce conference: Denise Incandela, SVP and Group General Manager of Fashion for Walmart ecommerce, and Ali Weiss, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Glossier. Incandela is a visionary retail executive who has delivered growth and transformation for brands and specialty retailers for over 20 years.

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