Forbes + CommerceNext: Interview with Deborah Yeh (Sephora)

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From affordable luxury brand stocking stuffers to quick, expert makeup color matches, Sephora is the trusted, go-to beauty resource for masses of consumers. We know this company has plenty of beauty secrets to impart, but what are its marketing secrets that bring this brand to the top of the retail chain? It’s all in the social — Sephora’s social media strategy aims to make beauty relatable, to make it reachable, and to make it communal.

Reaching into every far corner of the app world, Sephora’s social media strategy extends from tweens to mature mothers. Every channel (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, etc.) requires specific types of content to satisfy and truly engage that channel’s particular audience. And, because beauty never goes out of style and is completely ubiquitous, Sephora must be everywhere, all the time, ready to seek out and start conversations with customers that drive loyalty.

From memes to prom polls to AI chatbots making appointments through Facebook, Sephora molded itself into a well-oiled media machine pushing out channel-specific content with one sole purpose: to “beauty together” with its customers.

Learn more about the social strategy that’s built Sephora’s army of loyalists in Veronika Sonsev’s interview with the SVP of Marketing at Sephora, Deborah Yeh.

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