Forbes + CommerceNext: Interview with Aldo Group’s GM of Omnichannel Experiences

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The Aldo Group knows their customers well and curates their retail omnichannel experiences to a T just for them. They know where they are shopping and where they prefer to purchase (which are very often two different places). So, instead of creating the shopping experience around the products or brand ideals or even technology trends, the priorities and resources go first to complimenting and mirroring customer expectations and behaviors.

Gregoire Baret, GM of Omnichannel Experiences at Aldo Group says about 70% of his customers are browsing online before coming to the store, meaning the majority of their purchasers are going online to offline, and vice versa. How can a brick-and-mortar-first brand adapt? Baret tells us how they look at a customer holistically and leverage technology to assist and accelerate conversions. Both customers and the Aldo sales teams have access to their own apps which help them do things like order, get recommendations, notifications — pretty much everything you’d need to buy or sell products. Furthermore, Aldo is leaning into AI and personalization technology to converge online and offline actions so the experience is as fluid as possible for customers and sales staff.

Get the full Aldo low-down in Veronika Sonsev’s interview with Baret.

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