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Creating A Seamless, Integrated Ecommerce Experience Across The Customer Journey

Today’s customers expect a seamless experience when interacting with a retailer or brand. Delivering an integrated ecommerce experience can help build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction and convenience. In our most recent webinar, “Creating A Seamless Ecommerce Experience Across The Customer Journey,” our experts discussed how they manage their ecommerce journey through tools and personalized experiences to create a cohesive ecommerce brand experience. What we learned: Pay attention to your most loyal customers Personalize ecommerce experiences Reduce friction at every step of the journey SPEAKERS: Liesel Walsh, SVP Marketing & Customer Experience at Boston Proper Joel Layton, Vice President, eCommerce, Marketing &

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How Consumers Are Thinking About the Metaverse & Social Commerce

The Metaverse is all over headlines, and retailers are abuzz about the possibilities. From virtual worlds to livestream shopping to social commerce, there’s a lot to experiment with, but what do consumers actually think about all things Metaverse?  We partnered with BizRate, Coresight Research and CommX to find out from hundreds of consumers which customer segments are active in the Metaverse and how they utilize the Metaverse, social commerce and livestream shopping—both now and in the future. Read the entire report here. In this research, you’ll learn: Which segments of consumers are active within the Metaverse, social commerce, and livestream shopping. How consumers

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2022 Mother’s Day Marketing Tips

The past two years of shutdowns have caused Mother’s Day plans to change dramatically. This year, as we gradually return to a more normal way of gathering, we will see some carryover habits from years of Covid celebrations. We will also see a newfound excitement over being able to meet up in person with family and friends for holidays previously missed. The data shows that Mother’s Day spending has been steadily increasing since 2018, reaching about $28.1 billion in 2021 in 2021, which was an increase of over $1.4 billion compared to 2020. This year will likely mark another increase in spending as

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first-party data

Turn Facebook Uncertainty into Advertising Profitability with First-Party Data

We are in a particularly turbulent time for growth marketing, especially for brands who have previously relied on Facebook data to track growth. With recent changes in iOS 14.5, ad personalization and performance reporting may be limited and brands may notice a shift in their metrics. In our most recent webinar, we gathered experts in first-party data to share how they are managing data to drive customer acquisition even during this tumultuous time.   What we learned: Use first-party data for exclusive information on your customers Diversify testing methodologies to ensure the most accurate information Personalize using machine learning Speakers: Aubrie Richey, Vice President,

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Women’s History Month: Celebrating Iconic Women in Retail

Happy Women’s History Month! This month, we want to highlight the female leaders who are making huge contributions to our retail community. These women are paving the way for future female leaders through their hard work and dedication. Read below for their advice for the next generation.  Barkha Saxena, Chief Data Officer at Poshmark “Cultivate relationships and identify mentors—take time to identify the right leaders, mentors, and teams that work best for you. These relationships are key not only for professional development, but can also be helpful when navigating challenges both personally and professionally. When making career decisions especially, focus on finding the

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Shoptalk CommerceNext Reception 2022

The Top 4 Events to Look Forward To At Shoptalk 2022

Shoptalk is back for 2022 and it’s shaping up to be a great reunion for the retail industry. With over 250 speakers, 80 sessions, 4 days of networking opportunities and the best entertainment, the conference is guaranteed to provide new connections and novel insights.  We’ve rounded up the top four things to look forward to at Shoptalk—from the most essential sessions to the best events—to ensure you have the best possible experience at Shoptalk.  Top 4 Events to Look Forward to: Track 2 Keynote Session: New Products and Services to Support Consumer Well-Being CommerceNext TopGolf Networking Event Workshop: Understanding the Metaverse: Technologies, Challenges

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The Long View on Retail Digital Transformation with CSC CEO Justin Yoshimura

CSC Generation has mastered the craft of transforming challenged retail brands at the brink of liquidation into high performance, digital-first operations. By using their fine-tuned omnichannel technology platform, CSC Generation has a data-driven recipe for retail digital transformation, which is undoubtedly the driving force behind the company’s rapid expansion.   What we learned: Create a career path that works within your strengths Crafting a company culture early on will help maintain long-term goals throughout management transitions  Retailers should expect a gradual recovery from 2021 and 2022 constraints   Listen to the full episode wherever you stream podcasts or read the highlights below.  

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New Year, New Email Marketing Strategies

Rising acquisition costs have put retention marketing back in the hot seat. As more and more brands bolster their retention marketing strategies, email marketing and messaging are getting a second look.  In a recent webinar, “New Year, New Email Marketing Strategies” leaders in the ecommerce industry shared their insights into what makes a great email marketing strategy and how to leverage the data from each campaign. What we learned: Changing mail privacy policies require brands to adjust metrics in order to properly guide future send procedures. Personalize email frequency depending on individual preferences. Create omni-channel customers through email marketing. Speakers: Julie Evans, Vice

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CONVERSATIONS WITH COMMERCENEXT : Data-Driven Marketing With Wayfair’s CMO

CONVERSATIONS WITH COMMERCENEXT Season 2 Episode 4: Wayfair’s CMO Reveals Their Approach to Data-Driven Marketing Ft: Bob Sherwin, Wayfair CMO  Bob Sherwin has spent his career building an expansive data-driven marketing toolbox, which he has applied to the category-creating Fortune 500 retailer Wayfair as their CMO.   Hear the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts or read the highlights below. A Career of Skill Building Bob Sherwin started his career in consulting, using big data analytics to create algorithms that removed dataset waste and optimized the organization of assets. By helping transform businesses, he developed a foundation for the strategic and communication skills

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