How Consumers Are Thinking About the Metaverse & Social Commerce

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The Metaverse is all over headlines, and retailers are abuzz about the possibilities. From virtual worlds to livestream shopping to social commerce, there’s a lot to experiment with, but what do consumers actually think about all things Metaverse? 

We partnered with BizRate, Coresight Research and CommX to find out from hundreds of consumers which customer segments are active in the Metaverse and how they utilize the Metaverse, social commerce and livestream shopping—both now and in the future. Read the entire report here.

In this research, you’ll learn:

  • Which segments of consumers are active within the Metaverse, social commerce, and livestream shopping.
  • How consumers utilize Metaverse, social commerce, and livestream shopping — both now and in the future.
  • What shopping behaviors consumers plan to adopt in the Metaverse.
  • And more!

One of the major takeaways from customers is that while the retail community may be excited about the possibilities of the Metaverse, almost half of consumers still haven’t heard of the term. Furthermore, livestream shopping is still in its early days and younger Gen Z consumers are just beginning to tune in to streams

While many retailers are focusing on livestream shopping, the virtual world is still mainly used for gaming. Over three-quarters of participants indicated they play games in the virtual world, compared to only 30% for shopping.

While the Metaverse might be ahead of general consumer adoption, consumers aware of the Metaverse did indicate they are most interested in buying real-world products virtually in the future. This reveals a more promising future for retailers hoping to drive sales through the Metaverse.

The adoption of the Metaverse will allow brands and retailers to reach consumers in a personalized and meaningful way and brands will have to focus their resources on this revolution in ecommerce. This early adoption phase is the best time to learn and test strategies. 

Read the full report now to get full insight into how consumers are thinking about the Metaverse and social commerce. 

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