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How Retailers And Direct to Consumer Brands Are Investing In Marketing This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is upon us. Last year, we saw a staggering 19% increase in ecommerce sales compared to the previous year, for a total of $22.5 billion in sales according to the National Retail Federation. This year, the Digital Commerce 360 projected an estimated 3.8% increase in sales over last year. In anticipation of this busy holiday period, traditional retailers and direct to consumer brands turn to their marketing teams to focus on customer experience and customer acquisition to elevate their holiday sales. To understand how these holiday trends correlate with marketing investments for 2019, we partnered with Oracle to survey

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How Retailers Are Investing In Digital Customer Experience

Time is the most precious resource. Within our twenty-four hour day, we are constantly curating experiences based on what we need to succeed and feel good. From what we eat for breakfast to the sheets we sleep on at night, brands play a huge role in our everyday lives.    So how, as a brand, can you maximize those customer experience moments? If you have ever asked that question, or if that is the goal of your business, you are engaged with the experience economy, and Bob Meixner, Director of Product Strategy at Oracle, has the stats and advice to help. Meixner spoke

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CommerceNext Expands Digital Retail Events and Programs in 2020

Co-Founders Scott Silverman, Veronika Sonsev and Allan Dick Consolidate Their Businesses Under the CommerceNext Umbrella   New York, October 3, 2019 — Coming off a successful CommerceNext conference earlier this summer where attendance grew 122% to nearly 1,000 industry leaders and whose Net Promoter Score ranked as exceptional for conferences, CommerceNext is expanding its offering of events and programs in 2020 for marketing leaders at retail and direct to consumer (DTC) brands.   Marketing leaders at retail and DTC brands can look forward to a widely expanded offering of events and programs from CommerceNext in 2020, including the flagship conference scheduled for July

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The Power of Storytelling as a Customer Acquisition Strategy

With three years of mattress marketing backed by nearly thirty years of technological advancements, Purple has made a name for themselves as more than a mattress company. At CommerceNext 2019, Joe Megibow, CEO of Purple Mattress, shared how Purple not only innovated on their patented signature polymer grid but also in their use of storytelling to drive customer acquisition and direct to consumer sales. Megibow has been with Purple since October of 2018 as CEO, previously serving as the chief digital officer for American Eagle Outfitters. He discusses his unique approach to reaching an audience beyond the realm of brick and mortar mattress

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