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Unlocking Zero-Party Data with Loyalty

As demands for greater internet privacy and data protection ramp up, third-party data will become significantly less impactful. By investing in a loyalty program, brands can offer shoppers a clear incentive for intentionally sharing their personal information, i.e. zero party data. In the recent webinar, “Unlocking Zero-Party Data with Loyalty,” CommerceNext welcomed to discuss the power of this data and the effects of the crumbling cookies.  What we learned: The messaging and offers that drive loyalty  How to make your highest value customers your best brand advocates  The impact of improved loyalty on the brand Speakers: Matt Powell, Chief Technology Officer, FTD  Andrea

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Analyzing the Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

WITHIN tracks daily revenue, media spend and conversion rates across major verticals Recognizing the importance of sharing valuable resources with the CommerceNext community to help them understand the impact of COVID-19 on digital retail, we worked with WITHIN to make their COVID-19 Retail Pulse available. Leveraging first-party ecommerce data from its roster of 75 clients, WITHIN’s index tracks trends in ecommerce revenue, digital media ad spend, and conversion rate relative to the pre-COVID benchmark period. WITHIN is seeing many retailers and ecommerce brands altering forecasts to match demand, evaluating acquisition versus retention strategies, and experimenting with various online media and marketing tactics to

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Dermstore President, Cathy Beaupain, speaks with CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev.

Forbes + CommerceNext: How To Manage Your Ecommerce Business Like A Video Game 

ARTICLE SUMMARY: We’ve all spent an hour – or seven – engrossed in a Zynga mobile game. What pulled us in and what kept our interest? The same principles we should be using in retail to attain and build customer lifetime value. From A/B testing to extensive data analytics, Cathy Beaupain (Dermstore President) breaks down what retailers can learn from pro gamers in a Forbes interview with CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev. Zynga knew from the get-go it had to focus as heavily on the target customer as it did on its technology. Balancing the two disciplines – customer learning and data analysis –

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