Forbes + CommerceNext: Interview with Rebecca Minkoff

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CommerceNext co-founder and Forbes contributor, Veronika Sonsev, dug deep into the unique Rebecca Minkoff marketing tactics — a pioneering effort to fuel growth through both social media and girl power.

Nobody combines millennial marketing and female empowerment like the Rebecca Minkoff strategy. The fashion industry isn’t lacking in female icons, but the idea of an apparel brand authentically embodying and inspiring female empowerment has been more elusive.

Minkoff is unusually accessible on social media. When scrolling through Rebecca Minkoff’s Instagram, you find a comfortable, relatable pattern — a perfect balance between Minkoff’s own personal posts and branded clothing posts. On the site and throughout the industry, Rebecca Minkoff sports a complete #superwoman archetype, and her customers love every story and t-shirt dedicated to it.

From events to experiential in-store technology to inviting bloggers to walk her runway, Minkoff executes every marketing tactic with the goal of connecting directly and meaningfully to her fellow superwomen customers.

Explore more about Minkoff’s groundbreaking world of female empowerment in Veronika Sonsev’s interview in Forbes.

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