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Forbes + CommerceNext: Interview with Emily Hickey (founder of Instant Ad Copy)

Nov 6, 2017 Marketing Tips

by Rachel Klein

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Everyone’s on Facebook. How can you possibly increase your returns when it seems like every competitor also advertises on the platform, and the tools are constantly evolving?

Emily Hickey (former COO of Lolly Wolly Doodle) truly believes in the power of Facebook advertising. And with her company, Instant Ad Copy, she proves to clients daily that she knows all the tricks to make them believers, too. CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev, in her Forbes retail series, interviewed Emily for a small glimpse into how she garners such high returns and robust customer acquisition results with Facebook advertising.

Frequently employing strategies foreign and uncomfortable for her clients, Emily’s team analyzes a number of factors to determine where the Facebook strategy can tolerate improvement. They utilize Facebook’s native tools and audience mapping to hone in on the most effective segments. But first, she tackles the ad content itself. What can feel “off-brand” to some is simply expert direct response advertising. Traditional creative agencies often miss this part, creating frustration and misunderstanding as to Facebook advertising effectiveness. The message itself has to really connect with the audience, and too much marketing jargon or brand language typically gets in the way.

Get details on and examples of how to win at customer acquisition on Facebook in the full interview on Forbes.

To learn first hand on how to make Facebook advertising work for you, check out the video of Emily’s session from last year’s event:

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