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CommerceNext Health Policy

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CommerceNext is excited to get our community back together in person and is taking the necessary precautions to keep our community safe. Here is what you can expect at the show and other useful information about the current state of COVID in NYC:

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100% of all Attendees will be fully vaccinated.

Per NYC requirements, all attendees must show proof of vaccination to attend the conference. (Now is a good time to take a picture of your vaccine card with your phone).

We will have green and red wristbands for all attendees that communicate social distancing preferences (e.g., red means no handshaking or physical contact).

Attendees will be encouraged to wear masks and we will have plenty available.

Our conference venue, the Sheraton New York Times Square, is committed to the safety of its guests in response to COVID. Their extensive response program includes dedicated teams to routinely clean and monitor all public areas and all of their staff will be wearing protective gear and using touchless/contactless service when ever possible. Their commitment to safety extends details such as only using vacuum cleaners with proper air filtration.

Main stage and breakout sessions, the Discovery Lounge and all other areas of the conference will be set to maximize social distance between attendees.

In NYC, recent COVID cases peaked on August 20th are trending downward. One of the best sources of information on Covid rates in NYC can be found on the NYC Health website.NY covid trend chart

Vaccine rates in NYC are among the highest in the country. As of September 17th, 81.7% of NYC adults (18+) have received at least one vaccine dose.

Want to schedule a vaccine shot or have questions about getting one? Visit www.vaccinefinder.org to learn more.

The CommerceNext IRL Attendee Liability Waiver can be found here.

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Epistemix Model Forecasts Zero Covid Cases for CommerceNext IRL

At CommerceNext, the health and safety of our community is very important to us. To help ensure we could have a safe event, we hired Epistemix, a computational modeling software company that develops simulations to fight disease and inform policy, to model the safety of CommerceNext IRL based on the expected number of attendees (600-700), number of exhibitor companies (70), average age of attendees, vaccination coverage of attendees, the vaccination coverage in NYC and other factors.

With 100% vaccination coverage of attendees, Epistemix’s model, conducted in mid-August, forecasts zero Covid cases as a result of the conference.

At CommerceNext IRL, all attendees are required to be vaccinated and must provide proof of vaccination per the NYC mandate. Attendees will also be encouraged to wear masks and plenty will be available.

Epistemix was founded in 2018 after over a decade of research on building software to model and forecast epidemics as one of the National Institutes of Health Centers of Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]