Celebrating the Winners of the 2024 CommerceNexty Awards

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The CommerceNexty Awards are CommerceNext’s way of celebrating the top marketing and ecommerce leaders spearheading innovating campaigns in marketing, ecommerce and technology. The 2024 awards were held on June 12 at the CommerceNext Growth Show in NYC. 

Join us in congratulating the 7 winners of the CommerceNexty Awards! Learn more about the top campaigns below.

1. Marketing Innovator of the Year

e.l.f. beauty
Award accepted by Rina Yashayeva at e.l.f. Beauty

The Marketing Innovator of the Year was awarded to Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer of  e.l.f Beauty. This year marks the fourth year in a row of e.l.f Beauty receiving the award. This time the brand was awarded for its true-crime parody documentary capturing widespread “e.l.f. pinching” on Amazon Freevee. 

The campaign made its theatrical debut playing ahead of Paramount Pictures’ new “Mean Girls” movie at select AMC locations nationwide. The 15-minute spot is the longest branded content spot to ever run on the big screen, according to National CineMedia. The humorous film investigates why households share e.l.f. products, highlighting the brand’s appeal across all ages and its commitment to quality at an outstanding value.

2. Most Impactful Social Responsibility Campaign

Award accepted by Jessica Dalhstrum at Patagonia

Claire Goodrich, Director, Digital Activism and Campaigns from Patagonia took home the award for their campaign for a Safe and Healthy California — a group of public health professionals, environmental justice groups, community and faith leaders and youth who ensured no Californians would have to face health hazards from living near oil wells.

This campaign highlighted Patagonia’s long-standing efforts to support grassroots environmental activists. With a $500,000 donation, the outdoor brand aims to protect Californians from oil and gas drilling. This initiative is crucial for Ventura, Patagonia’s hometown, where thousands live near oil wells. As Patagonia visibly prioritizes environmental protection alongside business profitability, it continues to achieve tangible results in its mission to create a more sustainable future, enhancing its reputation as a leader in corporate responsibility.

3. Best Use of Data or Technology in Marketing




Carhartt’s Jennifer Slegers, Director CRM was recognized for Best Use of Data or Technology in Marketing for the brand’s collaboration with Bluecore, which embraced a customer-centric approach for new revenue opportunities. 

Partnering with Bluecore six weeks before Christmas, Carhartt embraced a customer-centric marketing approach for new revenue opportunities. Bluecore’s “Customer Movement Assessment” provided crucial insights, prompting Carhartt to shift core metrics towards data like AOV and purchase frequency. By focusing on retaining customers and boosting purchase value, Carhartt aimed for long-term success. As a family-run brand known for cold-weather workwear, Carhartt expanded its customer base, particularly with its women’s line. Leveraging customer insights and analytics, they tailored experiences and promotions, driving incremental interest and purchases.

4. Most Effective Brand Storytelling


Kimberly Wallengren, Vice President Marketing from Coach was honored for the brand’s storytelling in their “In My Tabby” campaign that intertwined the iconic Tabby bag with personal narratives from influential figures like Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes and more.

The campaign focuses on the pivotal moments that shape their identity, emphasizing the strength and personal significance found in what we carry. Coach leaned into platforms with high saturation of Gen Z consumers including YouTube and CTV, while also leaning into contextual targeting to ensure relevancy and adjacency to Gen Z content. Coach also launched a successful college Tabby Tour bringing the product to campuses around the country.

5. Outstanding New Ecommerce Experience 


American Eagle
Award accepted by Ashley Schapiro at American Eagle

American Eagle — Craig Brommers, Chief Marketing Officer — was awarded for the collaboration with Amazon Prime Video’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” offering a seamless shopping experience through in-store online and even while watching the series. 

This partnership features a collection reflecting the show’s beach setting, with items like jeans, shorts and tops available in AE stores, online and on Amazon, enhanced by the integration with Prime Video’s X-Ray feature for instant purchases. Aimed at capturing the laid-back essence of youth culture, this collaboration offers a unique shopping experience, connecting fans with the style of their favorite series. The collaboration was the brand’s most successful to date, with 75,000 units sold across AE and Amazon

6. Best Use of a New Channel




Sari Rifkin, Director, Experiential Marketing and Kate Biancamano, Senior Director, Event and Experiential Marketing from Sephora were recognized for  “SEPHORiA: House of Beauty” that merges digital and physical spaces in a tribute to beauty diversity, improving brand image and highlighting product distinction.

Leveraging insights such as the appeal of exclusive brands and the importance of communal experiences, Sephora created an immersive environment inspired by New York City apartments. The event featured over 50 unique interactions and photo ops across six themed rooms, both in-person and virtually. The virtual experience, developed with expert partners, mirrored the in-person event, and included customizable avatars, multiplayer games and exclusive rewards. The event attracted more than 90k registrants globally. They engaged 55 brands and hosted 10 Master Classes, amplifying awareness of Sephora’s commitment to beauty diversity and innovation.

7. Women in Retail’s Top Woman of the Year Award 

Vince Camuto

Stephanie Urban, Vice President of Ecommerce and Marketing for Vince Camuto, was honored with the Top Women of the Year Award. This award was presented in partnership with Women in Retail Leadership Circle and recognizes women leaders in retail who have contributed to the community and been a mentor to others through their careers.

Stephanie Urban exemplifies strategic vision and compassionate leadership, fostering an environment that encourages passion and excellence across all levels of her organization. Her ability to communicate and collaborate effectively has led to significant performance improvements and a culture of empowerment and inclusivity. Beyond her professional contributions, Stephanie actively supports community initiatives like The Gilmore Family Foundation and Pelotonia, demonstrating her commitment to using her leadership for positive social change. Her unique blend of integrity, resilience and compassion makes her a standout leader in her field. 


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