Research Report:

2023 Digital Trends & Investment Priorities

2023 digital trends and investment priorities

A Brief Benchmark Report On Growth, Risk, And Strategy

Coming off a record year with so much digital innovation on the horizon, retailers barreled into 2022 with healthy optimism and eagerness to overcome the macroeconomic challenges ahead, including privacy, supply chain, and talent. That optimism faced a harsh reality in 2023 and retailers have a much more sober perspective on what’s ahead.

To learn more about how retailers expect 2023 to shape up, CommerceNext partnered with The Commerce Experience Collective (CommX) to survey over 100 executives from top retailers and brands for this, our second annual benchmark report analyzing digital trends.

This year’s report shows clear trends and attitudes for our industry: retailers’ confidence, concerns, and budgets shifted dramatically since this survey last year. While the biggest issues of 2022 appear well in hand, a brand new set of economic-driven worries hounds marketers.

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What you’ll learn in this report:

  • How the past year measured up to forecasts made in 2021, and what the growth targets are for 2023.
  • The ways retailers are weighing investments in customer experiences versus new technologies.
  • The balance between retention and acquisition to drive growth in 2023.
  • How brands are responding to declining KPIs on social.

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