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The Year Of Covid The Customer

year of the consumer

Retention And Privacy Usher In A New Wave Of Customer-Centric Strategies

In 2020, retailers clamored to answer an ecommerce surge and, with it, consumers’ heightened demands for efficiency, ease, privacy and personalized experiences. Our robust June 2021 survey of 104 high-level retail and brand marketing leaders looks at what changes digital-first and incumbent retailers made to keep up with the new demands of today’s customers.

In short, they are not going back to pre-Covid budgets and strategies dominated by customer acquisition. Now more than ever, the focus seems to be on retention and loyalty.

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This report:

  • Provides benchmarks in budget, performance and challenges — now versus the results of our 2020 report.
  • Explains how retailers are thinking about acquisition, retention, holiday and the privacy landscape this year.
  • Reveals key 2021 differences in marketing priorities, strategies and tactics between “digital-first retailers” (brands and retailers that started online) and “incumbent retailers” (brands and retailers who added digital after inception).
  • Provides recommendations for navigating privacy restrictions, measurement changes and retention challenges.

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