Research Report:

Emotionally Connecting
With Consumers

2021 sheerid report updated

In the midst of Covid-19, and a time of economic uncertainty and political tensions, 2020 was an emotionally charged year, to say the least. Covid shined an emotional light on every aspect of life, and ecommerce decisions were no exception.

Under this backdrop and via its partnership with BizRate Insights, 1,000+ shoppers were surveyed to understand their mindsets and inform 2021 marketing. This research uncovers current shopper emotional states given Covid circumstances, the role “purpose” and “social responsibility” plays in brand perceptions, and, finally, how brands and retailers can emotionally connect with shoppers during these challenging times.

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What's in this report?

  • The consumer mindset after 9 months of Covid
  • A deeper understanding of what “purpose-driven” means to consumers when they consider where to shop
  • The impact of Covid on different occupations such as students, teachers, firefighters/EMTs and law enforcement
  • Recommendations for retailers and brands to kickstart emotional-driven marketing strategies

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