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The Ascension To Digital Maturity: A Benchmark Report

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Retailers Graduate From Setting Table Stakes To Scaling Long-Term Strategies

Our industry is officially in a place it’s never been before — the dimension of digital maturity.

This year’s robust annual survey of 100+ retail and brand leaders marks a new age for ecommerce. Forced by macro circumstances, retailers accelerated their digital roadmaps over the past two years. Our results show they finished laying their ecommerce foundations and turned the page to now focus on finetuning strategies, diversifying tactics and scaling.

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This report provides:

  • Benchmarks in budget, performance and challenges — now versus the results of our 2020 and 2021 reports.
  • New data illustrating how rising CACs have resulted in the diversification of acquisition portfolios into TikTok, connected TV and other new channels.
  • Key 2022 differences and trends in marketing priorities, strategies and tactics among “digital-first retailers” (brands and retailers that started online) and “incumbent retailers” (brands and retailers who added digital after inception).
  • Recommendations from retail executives in navigating acquisition, technology, attribution, and talent recruitment.

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