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At a time where personalization is vital to creating smooth digital experiences for your customers, it is actually harder to achieve than ever before. With demanding customers and stricter privacy standards, this new year comes with new challenges for retailers. In a recent webinar, “A New Year, A New Ecommerce Reality: Differentiating Through Digital Experience” leaders in the ecommerce industry put their heads together to solve these issues. 

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Cyber 5, the days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, is an important time of year for retailers to capture customers and generate high sales to kick off the holiday season. Given issues in the industry with supply chain and privacy limitations, this upcoming Cyber 5 is proving to be a new and difficult challenge for retailers. 

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Making data-driven changes to your ecommerce site will build the most accessible and effective ecommerce experience for your customers. But, demands for privacy and security from your customers mean finding new ways to access their data. In a recent webinar hosted by CommerceNext, we heard from Sarah Schultz (AVP - Ecommerce Product Management & Web Operations, Ann Taylor), Matt Powell, (Chief Technology Officer, FTD) Stephanie Urban (VP eCommerce, Urban Digital) and Kirsten Newbold Knipp (CMO, FullStory) on how to make this all happen. 

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The CommerceNext webinar, “Personalized Engagement—How to Stop Frustrating Your Customers,” began with a presentation from Ehren Maedge (GM - North America, MoEngage) about the personalization of messages and engagement for customers. Next, Maedge was joined for a detailed discussion on best practices for personalization by John Yesko (Senior Director, Head of User Experience & Service Design, Walgreens), Jenna Posner(VP of Digital, SNIPES) and Jeff Gerstel (CMO, B&H Photo Video). 

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