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Personalization is a crucial aspect of enhancing the customer experience and driving ecommerce growth. By tailoring experiences based on customer type, loyalty, and product, businesses can cultivate deeper connections and drive customer loyalty. Listening to customer feedback and utilizing AI can further optimize personalization strategies, allowing businesses to deliver tailored experiences, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline operations. To learn more about optimizing personalization and driving ecommerce growth, attend the Ecommerce Growth Show this June. Register today!

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customer data

In today's digital age, businesses must strike a balance between personalization and privacy when collecting and using customer data. VF Corp and Digioh are two companies that prioritize transparency and customer privacy. VF Corp implements a two-step process to protect customer privacy and explain data collection and use, building trust with customers. Digioh prioritizes consent and customer safety by providing clear explanations and giving customers control over their data. Transparent data collection and use not only build trust but also enhance the customer experience, increase loyalty, and drive business success.

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Announcing CommerceNext 2022 on June 21-22 in NYC (Photo from CN IRL)

CommerceNext, a community, event series and conference for marketers at retail and direct-to-consumer brands, today announced that its 2022 in-person conference will be held June 21–22 at the New York Hilton Midtown. More than 1,200 ecommerce and retail industry executives are expected to attend CommerceNext in 2022, following its successful September 2021 event.

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