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Pitch-Perfect Personalization

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A Consumer Study Of Personalization Preferences And Data Privacy Concerns

The industry has been hyping personalization for years, and with good reason. Now, in the face of equally hyped privacy concerns, retailers and brands can find even more opportunity to stand out from the competition if they’re able to create the pitch-perfect experience that combines data transparency and meaningful personalization.

CommerceNext partnered with The Commerce Experience Collective (CommX), Bizrate, and Coresight Research to poll over 1,000 shoppers to help our community better understand the current relationship between consumers’ personalization expectations and their ideas about data privacy.

The message from this research is clear: Personalization works and customers appreciate it. But, retailers can’t give consumers any reason to worry about the security of their personal information — or it could cost them both growth and loyalty.

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We also learned:

  • Which groups of consumers appreciate personalization the most, and which care most about privacy.
  • What aspects of personalization consumers notice and prefer more than others.
  • The impact of consumers’ privacy concerns on their personalization preferences.

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