Maximize Your Business Potential with Connected TV

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Connected TV (CTV) merges the wide reach of traditional TV advertising with the advantages of digital targeting and analytics. As a significant component of performance marketing, CTV offers detailed data insights, making it an essential tool for marketers. CommerceNext’s latest webinar focused on helping ecommerce and marketing professionals better understand CTV advertising with the help of examples from our panel of experts.

What we learned:

  • How to get started with CTV advertising
  • Effective data collection and utilization strategies in CTV
  • Applications and success stories from leading brands


  • Steve Hartmann, Head of Integrated Marketing, Experian Consumer Services
  • Sam Russell, Director, Media & Acquisition, Mint Mobile
  • Ryan Monahan, CMO, REDCON1
  • Severin Nesselhauf Director, Marketing Strategy, MNTN
  • Moderated by: Allan Dick Co-Founder, CommerceNext


Watch the replay here or read the recap below.

How to Get Started with CTV

CTV serves as a crucial brand awareness tactic, initiating the journey from viewer to customer. While its ultimate goal is to drive purchases or conversions, it is the first domino in a series of touchpoints, leading customers along their path to conversion. “CTV platforms are built to look and feel like your Google Ads, your Meta business manager,” said Severin Nesselhauf at MNTN. It’s essential to start by defining your campaign objectives and understanding your target audience. Next, it is important to conduct extensive research to select the right CTV advertising platform that aligns with your objectives and budget. Consider that what matters most is the content itself rather than the platform delivering. Finally, measure and analyze the results to identify areas for improvement and refine your strategy over time.

Effective Data Collection And Utilization Strategies In CTV

Effective data collection and utilization strategies in CTV are pivotal for advertisers aiming to maximize their campaigns’ impact. By harnessing the power of CTV, advertisers can gather valuable insights to inform their targeting, creative and optimization efforts. Nesselhauf recommends allowing enough time for the campaign to run and accumulate effective data.
Don’t rely on one source of truth for measuring attribution. Utilize multiple sources, like internal website reporting, Salesforce, Google Analytics and your CTV in-platform data to gain a comprehensive understanding. Each source provides valuable insights, but they can also present inconsistencies and discrepancies. View the data in terms of trends rather than relying on any single source as the sole arbiter of truth. By leveraging all available data and analyzing it collectively, marketers can make more informed decisions and uncover meaningful trends that inform their strategies.

Applications And Success Stories From Leading Brands

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile strategically uses CTV advertising to boost brand awareness and drive conversions. By starting the customer journey with CTV, they aim to guide viewers towards becoming customers through targeted touchpoints. “Use data to give you the best head start to get users down that path,” recommended Sam Russell. Mint Mobile’s holistic strategy combines brand building with driving customer actions for maximum impact and long-term success. This approach merges brand-building with conversion tactics for a cohesive and impactful experience, aiming for meaningful results.

Experian Consumer Service

Experian strategically embraced CTV advertising to adapt to shifting consumer behavior and media consumption patterns. Initially reliant on traditional linear methods, Experian recognized the limitations in reaching a younger, mobile-first demographic, particularly with the launch of Experian Boost. To better connect with this audience, Experian turned to CTV platforms despite early challenges in measurement and attribution. Over time, improved measurement capabilities allowed Experian to increase CTV spend, achieving more tangible results. This shift in investment aligns with the evolving media habits of Experian’s target audience, positioning the company as a leader in digital advertising innovation.


REDCON1 approaches CTV as a transformative opportunity, representing a previously untapped “white space” in the digital marketing landscape. Over the past 14 months, REDCON1 strategically utilized CTV’s premium content access and advanced targeting capabilities, surpassing traditional linear channels. By aligning brands with high-quality content previously exclusive to linear platforms, REDCON1 capitalized on CTV’s potential. Despite potential complexity, it offers a clear strategy, launching one video into 13 distinct creatives for rapid feedback collection. This methodical approach makes CTV content creation manageable and insightful, empowering businesses to engage audiences confidently.

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