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Customer acquisition costs are higher than ever before. This means that retailers must perfect their personalization strategies to drive brand loyalty and increase customer lifetime value. In the latest CommerceNext webinar, “Spinning Up a Personalization Flywheel,” our panel of experts discussed how their companies have tackled personalization at scale.

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After two years of adjusted celebrations, families are ready to return to mostly normal celebrations this Mother's Day. Marketers should advantage of the return to in-person celebrations and increased spending by checking out our 2022 Mother's Day Marketing Tips blog. Read on for the best advice to help you find target holiday consumers, what they're looking to purchase and how to create a campaign to best target these shoppers.

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Lack of cooperation is a huge and consistent obstacle for retailers across the globe in achieving optimal customer experience. It’s up to an entire company’s culture, from the top down, to prioritize CX.  The recent CommerceNext webinar, “The Secret to a Great Ecommerce Experience? Collaboration!” covered these ongoing issues in ecommerce with the help of some of the most collaboration-forward minds in the industry. 

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CommerceNext 2022 Valentine's Day Trends

Valentine's Day may be right around the corner, but retailers and brands still have ample opportunity to optimize sales and consumer engagement this February 14th. Read on for Valentine's Day marketing tips, including how to identify target shoppers for this holiday and best practices to engage and convert these consumers.

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