Building Loyalty with Newly Acquired Customers

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Many brands experienced an influx of new customers due to the pandemic. They’re now navigating how to turn those newly acquired customers into loyal brand advocates. Brandon Gell, Co-Founder at Clyde shared the Touch Point Trojan Horse, advising how to grab customers’ attention and what to do with it. Afterwards, he was joined by Sherri Kuo, Head of Growth at Italic, Matt Hayes, Co-founder at The Fascination and Jeff Gerstel, CMO at B&H Photo Video for a panel discussion on best practices for building customer loyalty.


Watch the replay here.


Here are our favorite takeaways from the webinar:

  • To get your customer’s attention, use transactional or time-bound emails, which are opened more than marketing emails.
  • Know who your brand is and what you stand for, and share that story with consumers to build a longer-lasting relationship.
  • Different content will resonate better with certain audiences, so think about what pieces of content you put in front of different audiences.
  • Many brands struggled with shipping and order delays, breaking some consumer promises. To make sure your new customers stick around, don’t lose sight of the basics of meeting customer expectations and treating every customer like the best platinum customer.


Stay tuned for a full recap.

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