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Forbes + CommerceNext: How Leading Retailers Innovate In The Age Of Amazon

ARTICLE SUMMARY: NRF Big Show is aptly named—it’s a BIG show. Easy to get lost amongst the myriad of shiny new technology solutions and buzzwords of the day, our CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev, tracked down four attendees representing leading direct to consumer retailers (Foot Locker, Party City, Teuful Audio and to find out how they stay focused in the face of all the noise, all while having to compete with the master of ecommerce innovation Amazon. Despite these four retailers’ different product areas, all of them had four common threads throughout their innovation strategies. First, serving as a tech golden rule of

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Marketing Playbooks Of All Sizes: What Every Brand Needs To Know About The Marketing Landscape in 2019

Today’s marketing landscape is not easy to navigate. Increasing competition and overly-saturated digital marketing channels make it difficult for brands to get their message, product or service seen by the right people. According to HubSpot, 87% of people say there are more ads today than two years ago. To learn how leading brands are breaking through the noise, we sat down with Naomi Jacobs of Qurate Retail Group, Bree Casart of West Elm, Mark Chou of Away and Tomer Tagrin of Yatpo at last year’s CommerceNext conference to learn more about their tricks of the trade. These four panelists shared how they successfully

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The Role of Amazon in a World of Direct-to-Consumer Brands

The Role Of Amazon In A World Of Direct-To-Consumer Brands

How three companies navigate the pros – and cons – of partnering with the world’s largest ecommerce website That elephant in the room has become impossible to ignore: Amazon, the world’s biggest ecommerce site, now accounts for 43% of all online sales, and over 52% of consumers go directly Amazon when they shop online. In the past, brands often squared off with this mega-behemoth, hoping to parlay customers into their own on-site sales, bypassing a partnership via Amazon Merchant Services. But, with Amazon’s ever-increasing presence, some larger brands find themselves facing an even bigger problem: third-party sellers and wholesalers selling their products either

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Glossier flagship store, courtesy of Glossier

Forbes + CommerceNext: Why Direct-to-Consumer Beauty Brand Glossier Takes Marketing Risks

ARTICLE SUMMARY: There’s no easy, step-by-step manual for starting a direct-to-consumer brand in this ecommerce age of Amazon. But Glossier seems to have faced little trouble figuring out how to sprint to the top of the beauty market and amass a customer following only household name brands traditionally experience. Co-creating every product with its customers, Glossier shaped its strategy, brand and social community right along side its target audience. The beauty brand doesn’t put expensive ad campaigns at the core of its marketing strategy, like many of its competitors. It builds both online and store experiences, as well as internal teams and tactics

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The Secret Behind Chewy’s Customer Acquisition Strategy

How customer service contributes to Chewy’s successful customer acquisition strategy. Customer service is becoming an increasingly significant part of the customer experience, and brands are searching for ways to go above and beyond their customers’ expectations. The bottom line is that customers are more likely to remain loyal and/or refer a brand after having a positive experience. In fact, a study conducted by American Express reveals that “7 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they’ve spent more money to do business with a company that delivers great service.”   Online pet food distributor Chewy was able to master the art of delivering excellent

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Consumer Experience: What Every Retailer Needs To Know

A guide to how consumer behavior is shaping retail and ecommerce best practices In today’s competitive retail environment, consumer experience can be the difference between success and failure. According to Dimension Data, “84% of organizations working to improve [customer experience] have experienced an increase in revenue.” So an investment in customer experience has real payoff when it comes to the bottom line. As a result of the changing landscape, we often hear the retail and ecommerce community asking questions like: “How have consumer expectations changed?” “How can retailers rethink their physical retail spaces, and do they fulfill the expectations that their online brand

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