5 Hot Topics to Expect at the 2024 CommerceNext Growth Show

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On June 11-13th in NYC, the 2024 CommerceNext Growth Show will delve into some of the hottest topics in the changing landscape of ecommerce and retail. Here is a taste of what you can expect!

Key takeaways:

  • Retailers are using generative AI for personalized experiences and marketing success.
  • Navigate rising costs with new channel strategies and tools for effective customer retention.
  • Learn data-driven strategies for seamless online-to-in-store transitions and enhanced customer experiences.
  • Adapt loyalty programs to changing customer expectations and foster brand loyalty.
  • Focus on easy-to-navigate digital experiences with the help of search, personalization, and generative AI.

Generative AI and Success Use Cases: Explore how retailers leverage generative AI to enhance customer experience and acquisition. From personalized recommendations to chatbots and virtual assistants to personalized marketing, we will help you understand the successful use cases of Generative AI so you can stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Customer Acquisition: As customer acquisition costs continue to rise and cookies disappear, the focus on efficient customer acquisition is ever more important. Discussions at the conference will center around new channel strategies to investigate. Attendees can also anticipate insights into the latest tools and techniques for attracting and retaining customers across both online and brick-and-mortar environments.

Creating a Unified Shopping Experience: In the age of data-driven decision-making, the integration of online data to enrich the in-store experience is a hot topic for discussion. Attendees can look forward to insights on leveraging data analytics to understand customer preferences, optimize product assortment , and how brands create a seamless transition between online and offline shopping experiences. Topics such as endless aisle capabilities, clienteling, point of sale (POS) innovations, and other technologies will be explored to enhance the overall customer experience and streamline operations.

Loyalty and Customer Experience Changes/Learnings: Customer loyalty remains a cornerstone of successful businesses. The conference will delve into the evolving landscape of loyalty programs and share key learnings from businesses that have successfully adapted to ever changing customer expectations. Strategies to enhance overall customer experience, foster brand loyalty, and address challenges in an ever-evolving market will be key points of discussion.

Don’t Forget the Digital Experience: The actual onsite digital experience has to be easier than ever to navigate. There will be dedicated sessions about on-site search, personalization, optimization, ways to implement Generative AI, and other technologies to help increase digital conversions.

The 2024 CommerceNext Growth Show is poised to be an unparalleled platform for industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to engage with the most pressing and exciting trends in the ever-evolving landscape of commerce. Attendees can expect not just a showcase of innovative technologies and strategies but also a collaborative space to share key learnings, fostering a community that thrives on adaptability and forward-thinking approaches.

P.S. If you or someone you know would be a great speaker for the conference, reach out to us here for speaker inquiries.



1. What are the advantages of retail loyalty programs?

Retail loyalty programs offer several advantages. Firstly, they incentivize repeat purchases by rewarding customers with discounts, exclusive offers or points redeemable for future purchases, thus fostering customer loyalty and retention. These programs also provide valuable data insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling retailers to personalize marketing efforts and product offerings, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Loyalty programs can help retailers differentiate themselves in a competitive market, attracting new customers and strengthening brand affinity. Additionally, they encourage customers to spend more by offering incentives to reach higher tiers or levels within the program, thereby increasing average order value and overall profitability. Finally, loyalty programs create a sense of belonging and engagement, as customers feel appreciated and recognized for their continued support of the brand.

2. In what ways can we explore the impact of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality, on the future of ecommerce and retail?

Emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) are poised to revolutionize ecommerce and retail by enhancing the customer experience through immersive product visualization and virtual try-on capabilities. AR enables personalized shopping experiences by tailoring product recommendations and interactive marketing campaigns based on individual preferences. By recreating virtual shopping environments and providing detailed product demonstrations, AR fosters greater consumer engagement and confidence in purchasing decisions. Additionally, AR facilitates seamless integration between online and offline retail channels, bridging the gap between digital and physical shopping experiences. Overall, the adoption of AR in ecommerce and retail holds promise for driving increased sales, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in the future. 

At the CommerceNext Growth Show, attendees also have the opportunity to share stories and learn from one another about these technologies.

3. Are there any specific case studies or examples provided during the conference sessions that illustrate the successful implementation of data-driven strategies for enhanced customer experiences?

Conference sessions may feature real-world case studies and examples to illustrate successful implementation of data-driven strategies for online-to-in-store transitions and enhanced customer experiences. Find these insights in the panel “Navigating the Digital Frontier: Strategic Insights on Tech Investments.” Additionally, join breakout sessions that cover topics on monetizing data insights, segmentation, personalization, data for driving loyalty, attribution and measurement.