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Turning Customer Insights Into
Ecommerce Growth Opportunities

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With the massive shift to online accelerated by Covid-19, the question for our retail and ecommerce community now is: will these new online customers stick around and prefer online shopping post-pandemic? We can’t predict the future, but we can collect as much data as possible to arm our marketers when making decisions about their 2021 ecommerce strategies and goals.

To do so, CommerceNext partnered with BizRate Insights to survey 1000+ consumers and examine questions like: What drove some consumers to increase their time online, and what kept others at bay? Were opportunities missed to retain the bevy of new online consumers? What parts of the ecommerce experience are critical for success?

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What's in this report?

  • Changes in online shopping behavior due to Covid-19.
  • Consumer intentions, behaviors and pain points throughout the digital journey.
  • Aspects of the ecommerce consumer journey that serve as opportunities and pitfalls for ecommerce growth.
  • Recommendations for ecommerce optimizations to fuel further growth.

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