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Scaling Testing to Drive New Ecommerce Highs and Delight Customers

In a competitive ecommerce landscape, mastering experimentation is essential for revenue growth. CommerceNext’s latest webinar focused on providing strategies to optimize the testing process, helping maximize conversions and revenue growth to stay ahead of the curve. What we learned: The importance of experimentation and how to amplify it How to leverage data for agile testing  Best practices for conversion rate optimization  Speakers: Kamanasish Kundu, Vice President, Head of Digital & Ecommerce, Kendra Scott Lisa Perlmutter, Chief Customer Officer, Hanna Andersson Stephanie Urban, Vice President eCommerce, Camuto Group John Murdock, CEO, Fastr Moderated by: Veronika Sonsev, Co-Founder, CommerceNext   Watch the replay here or

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Maximizing Your Holiday Marketing Strategy for 2023: Expert Tips and Tricks

The holiday season is more than just a time of celebration; it’s a golden opportunity for brands to make a lasting impact on their customers. As we approach the 2023 holiday season, the strategic playbook for marketers has evolved. To help you navigate this festive period with precision, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide full of tips and tricks, enriched by insights from CommerceNext blogs, webinars, research and more. These invaluable resources shed light on the latest trends and strategies that are reshaping the retail landscape. From understanding the nuanced psychology of shoppers in the digital age to harnessing the power of physical retail

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Customer Experience and Community as the Ultimate Marketing Tool

If you spend time online, you’ve undoubtedly heard of cult-favorite beauty brand Glossier. Moreover, you’ve probably seen their ultra-chic and Instagram-worthy pink and vibrant red branding not on an ad, but in the social content of someone you know. Glossier’s community of raving fans is a large part of what drives their brand awareness, with individuals sharing their beauty routines with the world via social media. This loyalty and passion stem from the customer experience Glossier creates. As a direct to consumer brand, Glossier takes a unique approach to customer experiences beyond your typical beauty counter which has helped propel their digital marketing

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General Assembly Interview with Kieran Luke

CommerceNext Speaker Interview: Kieran Luke, GM, General Assembly

As a preview to the upcoming panel titled “The Ingredients of a Successful Marketing Team” at this year’s ecommerce conference, Kieran Luke (GA’s GM Credentials) and Brittney Kleinfelter (Marketing Director at CommerceNext) talked through marketing team design and the standard levels, assessments and courses set by General Assembly’s Standards Board. General Assembly (GA) put together a standards board of 13 CMOs to crack the code on ensuring long-lasting team success. They have established a set of standards and certifications for performance marketing that can help define skill requirements and expectations across the data science and digital marketing fields. Luke runs this program, which

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Forbes + CommerceNext: Miki Berardelli On Building A Brand From The Ground Up

ARTICLE SUMMARY: With deep retail roots and pure entrepreneurial spirit, Miki Berardelli traversed through the top ranks of international retailers like Chico’s and Ralph Lauren to land at the helm of a uniquely innovative children’s retail subscription service — KIDBOX. CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev, dips into Miki’s secret sauce for success in an exclusive interview about startup and social media strategy (first published on Forbes.com). Combining her ecommerce entrepreneurship and proven marketing tactics from traditional retail models, Miki’s helped catapult KIDBOX’s growth. Organic social media hacks evangelize both her product and the company’s philanthropic principles while cutting edge technology ensures customers receive the

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