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Holiday 2023 Retail & Ecommerce Research: Deck the Halls with Data

With the holiday season quickly approaching, CommerceNext partnered with BizRate Insights to conduct an in-depth survey capturing holiday shopping insights from over 1,000 consumers. This article delves into essential data and emerging trends to inform and enhance your strategies for a successful 2023 holiday season. Key Takeaways: Early planning is evident, as 72% of respondents kickstart their holiday shopping before Black Friday.  Purchase decisions are heavily influenced by promotions, closely followed by recommendations from friends and family and online reviews. A combination of online and in-store shopping remains essential. Given the current economic climate, 42% of respondents plan to cut back on holiday

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Navigating Big-Box Retailers: Holiday 2023 Trends and Strategies

With the 2023 holiday shopping season approaching, the CommerceNext team researched the key trends and strategies being employed by big box retailers such as Target, Amazon and Walmart, offering valuable insights for optimizing your own ecommerce operations. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Early Cyber Sales: Discover how big-box retailers kickstart the holiday season with strategic pre-Black Friday sales. Hiring Influx: Understand the workforce strategies implemented by major retailers to meet holiday demand. Discount-Driven Purchases: Learn the significant impact of discounts and promotions on consumer behavior during the holiday season. Omnichannel Integration: Understand how seamless online-to-in-store experiences are shaping the retail landscape this holiday season. Early Cyber

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Maximizing Your Holiday Marketing Strategy for 2023: Expert Tips and Tricks

The holiday season is more than just a time of celebration; it’s a golden opportunity for brands to make a lasting impact on their customers. As we approach the 2023 holiday season, the strategic playbook for marketers has evolved. To help you navigate this festive period with precision, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide full of tips and tricks, enriched by insights from CommerceNext blogs, webinars, research and more. These invaluable resources shed light on the latest trends and strategies that are reshaping the retail landscape. From understanding the nuanced psychology of shoppers in the digital age to harnessing the power of physical retail

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Valentine's Day Marketing

Top 2023 Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for a Love-Filled Holiday

As we approach Valentine’s Day 2023, it’s crucial for retailers and brands to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends to make the most of this holiday of love. According to the National Retail Federation, the United States saw $23.9B spent on gifts for partners, friends, pets and more on Valentine’s Day 2022; consumers spent an average of $175 on the holiday. This was the second-highest year on record, and it’s only projected to rise from here on out, truly making February 14th a day your brand does NOT want to overlook! In order to guide you through successful Valentine’s Day marketing, we’ve

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Cyber Week Recap: Lessons Learned and Advice for 2022

Each holiday season is proving to be more unusual and unpredictable than the last, giving marketers constant challenges and unclear benchmarks. In this webinar, “Cyber Week Recap: Lessons Learned and Advice for 2022”, we walked through Jason “Retail Geek” Goldberg analysis on Cyber 5 Weekend aggregate sales data, the issues that are shaping Holiday 21 and what’s in store for 2022.   What We Learned  Consumers wallets are increasingly going towards services instead of consumer goods  The unprecedented growth in digital grocery shopping is setting trends for the entire ecommerce industry Changes in Cyber Week strategies reflected consumer personal motives to enjoy the

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Let’s Talk Holiday Shopping Trends 2021

The holidays may have just started rolling by, but for those of us in retail and ecommerce, we’ve been immersed in holiday planning for months. Our marketing community may run the gamut in company size, strategy and category, but everyone gets to participate in the hecticness and rush of holiday. To help support marketers, we talked holiday shopping trends 2021 in this webinar, “The Holiday Gifting Playbook: A Consumer Perspective on 2021 Holidays.”   What We Learned In light of the global supply chain crisis, we know our community needs all the information it can get about consumers expectations this season and how

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Cyber 5 Marketing Tips

Cyber 5, the days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, is an important time of year for retailers to capture customers and generate peak holiday sales. Given issues in the industry with supply chain and privacy limitations, marketing during this upcoming Cyber 5 is proving to be a new and difficult challenge for retailers. At CommerceNext IRL, our speakers shared how to best prepare for this year’s unprecedented Cyber 5. Check out these four tips for Cyber 5 marketing success: 1.iIt’s beginning to look a lot like SMS season: Over 89% of consumers are interested in communicating with brands over text—implement SMS marketing if

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