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Experiential Ecommerce: The Key to Winning the New Digital Consumer

Our latest webinar, “Experiential Ecommerce: The Key to Winning the New Digital Consumer,” first featured an interview with Raj De Datta (CEO and Co-Founder of Bloomreach) on his new book, The Digital Seeker: A Guide for Teams to Build Winning Experiences. Next, a panel of expert retailers discussed best practices for the creation of personalized digital experiences for their customers.  Read the recap here or watch the replay. The Digital Seeker Raj De Datta believes that appealing to the consumer that he defines as the “digital seeker” makes the difference in how the winners win and the losers lose in ecommerce. In accessing

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Analyzing the Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

WITHIN tracks daily revenue, media spend and conversion rates across major verticals Recognizing the importance of sharing valuable resources with the CommerceNext community to help them understand the impact of COVID-19 on digital retail, we worked with WITHIN to make their COVID-19 Retail Pulse available. Leveraging first-party ecommerce data from its roster of 75 clients, WITHIN’s index tracks trends in ecommerce revenue, digital media ad spend, and conversion rate relative to the pre-COVID benchmark period. WITHIN is seeing many retailers and ecommerce brands altering forecasts to match demand, evaluating acquisition versus retention strategies, and experimenting with various online media and marketing tactics to

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CommerceNext + GiftNow: A Partnership That Keeps On Giving

Everyone likes getting gifts. And, CommerceNext loves giving gifts to people who are part of our community. Sometimes, however, you may like that gift even more if it were a different color or better fitting size. Or, maybe a different style all together would suit your taste better. Perhaps the gift arrived at your old address and now you have to coordinate pickup.  With these nuances of gift-giving in mind, CommerceNext is announcing a new partnership with Loop Commerce for gifting using their GiftNow solution. Now, CommerceNext will be able to confidently give gifts to our community we know they will end up

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How to Use Customer Service to Grow Sales this Holiday

Support requests increase from customers by 65% during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  And 74.5% of large merchants are “concerned” or “very concerned” about customer service during the holidays. It was their number two concern overall. It can overwhelm your customer support, but it’s also an opportunity to use support interactions to promote sales & specials that you’re having! Number of support requests during the holiday season from Gorgias customers. 20 retailers told us how they handled the Black Friday / Cyber Monday and we’re sharing 4 tips that you can use with your support team for the holiday season. Promote Your Holiday Specials in

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Forbes + CommerceNext: Did Customer Service Help Chewy Rake In A Hefty Price Tag?

ARTICLE SUMMARY: A pet supply ecommerce company pulling in a multi-billion dollar price tag? How does that happen? Kelli Durkin, VP of Customer Service at Chewy (the online pet store recently acquired by PetSmart) told CommerceNext’s Veronika Sonsev exactly why a stellar customer experience can be a company’s biggest asset. Rather than being looked at as a resources drain or the first place to go for implementing cutbacks, Chewy has, from Day 1, invested deeply in customer service. They played the long game, knowing consideration, care and quality people would make all the difference when going up against other multi-brand pet supply sellers

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