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CommerceNext + GiftNow: A Partnership That Keeps On Giving

Everyone likes getting gifts. And, CommerceNext loves giving gifts to people who are part of our community. Sometimes, however, you may like that gift even more if it were a different color or better fitting size. Or, maybe a different style all together would suit your taste better. Perhaps the gift arrived at your old address and now you have to coordinate pickup.  With these nuances of gift-giving in mind, CommerceNext is announcing a new partnership with Loop Commerce for gifting using their GiftNow solution. Now, CommerceNext will be able to confidently give gifts to our community we know they will end up

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Customer Experience and Community as the Ultimate Marketing Tool

If you spend time online, you’ve undoubtedly heard of cult-favorite beauty brand Glossier. Moreover, you’ve probably seen their ultra-chic and Instagram-worthy pink and vibrant red branding not on an ad, but in the social content of someone you know. Glossier’s community of raving fans is a large part of what drives their brand awareness, with individuals sharing their beauty routines with the world via social media. This loyalty and passion stem from the customer experience Glossier creates. As a direct to consumer brand, Glossier takes a unique approach to customer experiences beyond your typical beauty counter which has helped propel their digital marketing

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Forbes + CommerceNext: Three Unique Ways Brandless Uses Community To Fuel Growth

ARTICLE SUMMARY: How can you break into the monster industry of consumer packaged goods, do good, grow quickly and build a loyal brand community? Brandless knows. When you think of Kelloggs or Kraft or even your favorite local, organic honey that you indulgently glob into your tea every morning, you may love the taste and be a diehard fan of the products, but you don’t necessarily connect emotionally with the brand and engage with that company personally. Brandless wants its customers to look at it differently. Brandless believes in cultivating strong, authentic connections directly with its customers. They focus on building brand loyalty

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